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Rural freelance copywriter/marketer - any tips for new business?

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mabh Wed 21-Oct-09 14:05:55

Hello all! I'm in a bit of a rut work-wise and thought I'd ask if any of you ladies have any tips.

I've been a freelance marketer-cum-copywriter for a couple of years. I used to be the marketing dir. of a smallish company (c10m), have experience in several markets, and am a trained copywriter. I've also designed a few things (well, a lot of catalogues and a few press ads) with my own fair hand.

I live in an extremely rural county a long way from London and am finding is difficult to get a lot of work. Most of the companies around here are very small, and there are quite a few freelance marketers owing to proximity of a business school. This may be the reason why I'm having more luck copywriting, and, to be honest, I'd be happy to write all day!

I also wonder if my problem may be because previously, I'd always worked clientside, so I haven't learnt the knack of cultivating clients.

A good friend of mine who is doing very well in PR (also rural but not here) puts her success down to knowing a lot of people socially. Although I'm sure talent has plenty to do with it, too!

So, chaps, any ideas how I could round up some more clients?

BTW I know this is rather ironic given I create business for other people sad.

mabh Thu 22-Oct-09 16:22:19

Hi folks ignore me, I was having an eeyore day.

Today - contract for 5-feature e-newsletter and a new customer recruitment project came in today! Oh, and a local culture feature!

...still listening if anyone has any tips, though grin

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