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Do you work with your husband/wife/significant other?

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llaregguBOO Tue 20-Oct-09 11:26:12

DH runs a business which (remarkably) is doing well given the current environment. However he is getting to the point where he either needs to take on someone else or divide himself in two.

I have quite a few ideas for generating more business and improving sales, and have skills I could bring to the company. The current plan is that instead of going back to my old job after maternity leave, I'll officially start working with him. At the moment I just do the books.

Does anyone have any tips for making this work?

TrickorTreatTrunkThighs Tue 20-Oct-09 14:47:00

Not sure I have any tips but just wanted to say go for it! I've been working with DH for the last 6 weeks and so far so good.

We have said we will do a proper review at Christmas and agreed from the outset that if either of us felt it wasn't working then we call a halt to it there and then.

Good luck!

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