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Working in partnership with a friend - who will be SE like me - contract?

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BirdFromDaNorf Thu 15-Oct-09 20:45:02

Hi, I have my business, and will be entering into working with a friend on another business which is in same market as what I do so all fine there and good, not competing with each other, all good.

It's going to be around events, and we want to work out what to do % of income wise, if one of us needs to drop out - she's going to do logistics in early stages and me marketing and sponorship and media etc and us both do the day together.

If god help us, someone died, or husband's got made redundant and we had to apply for a job FT somewhere etc, or other scenario, the other would want to be able to carry on, but depending on how far down the track we are with something, the other one should still get some of the £ shouldn't they?

Is there anyone out there with an agreement? Would you be willing to share it for our info? A solicitor said it would be 3K to put something together. Which isn't feasible as it's going to be small scale to begin with...

Ideas, input, advice, anything please.. Thank you, North Bird.

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