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Any VAT gurus out there that can answer me a quic question?

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cktwo Mon 05-Oct-09 19:54:08

I've got a new client so I'm not au fait with his particular VAT regime.

He buys music to play in his shop quite regularly but none of the receipts show the VAT. Is that because there is no VAT on music (0% like books)?

Thanks in advance

MrAnchovy Tue 06-Oct-09 01:38:18

Printed music is zero-rated, but I presume you are talking about recorded music? This is standard rated and you should be able to claim VAT at the standard rate on the purchases provided you have an invoice that meets the following criteria for a 'simplified VAT invoice':

No more than £250 including VAT and includes:
* the seller's name and address
* the seller's VAT registration number
* the date of supply
* a description of the goods or services

Use the current VAT fraction of 3/23 (or 7/47 for purchases prior to 1 December 2008) to calculate the amount of VAT included in the invoice.

cktwo Tue 06-Oct-09 08:39:38

Thank you MrAnchovy smile. You are a VAT legend x

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