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Anyone created their own local/specialist magazine for profit?

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elmosworld Wed 23-Sep-09 19:40:34

Hi everyone,

I'm new on this freelance board, never realised it was here!!!

I'm currently working from home doing a bit of blogging and article writing but not making an awful lot.

I would love to create a magazine, whether a print one for the local area or an online one for a specific category - I was thinking special needs parenting as that it was I am most familiar with.

I have got experience in sales, marketing, telemarketing, business development etc so would be able to manage the getting advertisers part pretty well and could write some articles myself and then have a couple of feature writers...

BUT Just wondered if anyone has any experience in this and whether it really is a viable business opportunity?
I am especially interested in people who have online magazine experience, as this obviously reduces outlay straight off.

Hope someone can advise soon.

Thanks guys.

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