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Sandwich/lunch maker for local businesses? any other cash earning ideas HELP!

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clarebear1 Wed 23-Sep-09 11:10:28

Im trying to think of extra cash income while my DDs at pre school, would this idea work do you think? Would i also need some kind of food hygiene cert? Any input greatly appreciated or any other money making ideas thanks

overthemill Thu 24-Sep-09 18:14:05

i think it might work - you'd need to see if anyone else does it in your area and target, say, industrial units or business centres. we had one when i worked in teh back of beyond and it was great!
try business link for rules about hygeine
good luck, let us know how you do

shinyshoes Thu 24-Sep-09 18:19:40

definitely food hygeine or Elf and Safety checks.

I'm assuming you mean seeling sarnies and cakes etc from the bback of a van (not as gross as i've made it sounds i'm sure wink, public liability insurance I think (this is very cheap IIRC when DP was going to do a market stall.)

sounds like a brill idea I toyed with this once, driving round to an industrial estate selling all sorts of yummy things to the businesses, and that's pretty much all I did just thinking grin

Sorry I dont have anything useful to offer.

Let us knowif you do this or if you find out what's involved

I might have to have a rethink

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