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Personal Trainers - CRB check if working with kids?

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43Today Wed 16-Sep-09 12:44:05

I'm a personal trainer and to date have worked only with adults. Actually, it never occurred to me that as a PT I would work with kids. However, I have had an enquiry from a mum about doing some training with her child (10-12 age group) with a view to improving postural difficulties that are caused by poor muscle development. Apparently it was advised by the GP.

Anyway, it suddenly occurred to me that I may need a CRB check if I undertook this work. I have never ever looked into it to date as I had no inkling that I'd work with children, and have a hundred and one questions which if anyone has any answers to I'd be very grateful!!

- would it be illegal for me to work with a child without being CRB checked?
- If parent was present at all times throughout training session would that mean CRB check wasn't necessary?
- How do I organise CRB check as self-employed person and would it cost a lot of money?

Thanks in advance for any advice anyone has.

Nicolaplus1 Wed 16-Sep-09 21:58:04

Hi i can tell you what i know and then find the right contact for you, i work with children myself so have an annual crb check.
The new legislations state that if you work with young people more than a couple of times a month you should have a crb check.
In the instance that you mentioned i suppose that would be down to the parent, if they were attending each session and it was just a one off programme you were doing.

I think they are around £60 and to be honest the field of work i am in we do actually do crb checks in some instances for people, i think there are so many nomintated business' that can do it in each area.

I will see if i can speak to HR and get a numbern for you.

Hope this helps, failing that if you go onto your local council website ou should find some info on the education section.

43Today Thu 17-Sep-09 08:46:48

thanks nicola, I'l check out the local council website. As I don't specialise in children's exercise and this would be a limited duration programme, I'd really prefer not to have to fork out £60 unless it is actually a legal requirement.

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