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nargh someone make me do this piece of work

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Thandeka Wed 09-Sep-09 10:13:40

I agreed to do this piece of work for my boss because he is awesome even though it is out of my area of expertise and not something I am massively interested in. Stupidly I also agreed to reduce my dayrate for it.

So now I have a piece of work I don't want to do that I am getting paid less to do than all my other uber exciting more money projects.

Have a meeting about this project on friday and today is the only day I can sit down and get as much drafted as I can but I am so not in the mood! Annoyingly also I need to co-write with a qualified colleague who has much more subject knowledge but not the experience to translate it into my field and although I did a load of work on this project in mid august it was completely held up by him not getting back to me, so now the project is delayed- I have other projects I would rather be doing coming out of my ears and we are supposed to be launching it soon and I just can't be arsed!

I am very tempted to explain to my boss that sadly I will have to give up the project due to my other commitments and I had blocked out the summer to work on this project but since colleague didnt get back to me it was delayed (he knows this anyway) and now i just don't have the time. (wont mention the lack of comittment to project or money issue!). Bah but don't want to let boss down as he is awesome.

Sorry just rambling and trying to start work! Been sat at desk since 8.30 and only opened the files not even looked yet.

Thandeka Wed 09-Sep-09 11:37:31

nargh is now 11.30 and still not really started. Well a bit half heartedly.


Lizzylou Wed 09-Sep-09 11:38:31

I work from home and today it is a struggle to get myself motivated.
Have done some washing though hmm

You do your work and I'll do mine!

Thandeka Wed 09-Sep-09 12:40:53

hi Lizzylou,
now my net went down so had to swap computers to ancient one- the world is against me- we done on doing some washing.

Ooh look its time for lunch!

Thandeka is procrastinating but has vaguely started ish.

Nancy66 Wed 09-Sep-09 13:44:29

I work from home a great deal and I'm terrible for leaving things until the last minute.

I usually wait until they're jumping up and down, screaming at me and threatening to never use me again and then I think...'oh well, better get it done.'

I justify this by claiming I work better under pressure.

Thandeka Thu 10-Sep-09 09:06:08

I like your style Nancy66. Worked out yday I have 5 projects on the go and shortly will probably have 2 more. Nargh need to sort my project management!

dollyparting Thu 10-Sep-09 18:31:52

Have you done it yet, thandeka?

I am procrastinating at the moment. I have 2 pieces of work which I have to complete before 9am tomorrow (when I go on holiday). I know that if I don't do them now, I will either do them this evening when I should be relaxing with my dp, or I will procrastinate some more and have to get up at 6am and finish them in a rush in the morning.

Any bets on what I will do?

Thandeka, I remember your posts from earlier this year, when you were starting out as freelance: sounds like it is going well for you - I am glad. Take care about taking on too much stuff, and develop a network of other trusted people that you can pass work on to. I am currently running 2 major projects concurrently, and I am earning £300 per day from the project that I have 'delegated' to someone else.

If you have the contacts and the reputation to get the work, other people will be willing to work for you for a such smaller day rate than you will charge.

Thandeka Fri 11-Sep-09 07:43:43

Earning £300 a day from delegating a project to someone else!? AWESOME! I so need to get to that stage!

I have partly done it and have a meeting today about it but its one that has to be done in consultation with others and they keep letting me down which isnt helping my motivation for it!

But the other work just keeps coming in which is ace.

Did you finish your two pieces of work?
Have a nice hol.

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