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I lost my job today... v.v. upset.

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minko Tue 01-Sep-09 22:03:25

I had a lovely graphic design job which I did from home, which fitted around the DCs perfectly and I had been doing for 2 years.

Today I found out the client wants to use a designer they have previous history with (and who they feel they owe it to). So it's not my fault, and I am gutted.

Work is so important to me. It's reminds me of who I am, when I'm not being a mummy. And I loved the work, my direct boss who told me on the phone even sounded choked. Am quite worried how I am going to feel just being a SAHM.

Sorry, not a lot of 'point' here, just needed to moan and hopefully hear something consoling... (A job would be good too if anyone needs any graphic design work...)

TanteRose Wed 02-Sep-09 05:54:05

oh dear.
surely you can get a reference from them and try and get more work elsewhere...or is that
an impossibility in the current economic climate?
hope you find more work smile
oh, and don't feel that its "just" a SAHM...try and enjoy it for a while, at least.

minko Wed 02-Sep-09 07:58:36

Thanks TRose.

It's just rubbish being freelance sometimes becasue no-one has any qualms about getting rid of you at a moment's notice. No warning, just a phone call and now that's it after 2 years.

Work (to do from home) is hard to come by, but we'll see...

Perhaps I am on a bit of a downer about being a SAHM after 6 weeks of my 2 DCs fighting! Just can't imagine myself sitting about polishing the family silver all day...

TantieTowie Wed 02-Sep-09 14:11:35

Commiserations! I've sort of been there - when I was first freelance I took on regular days in an office. Six months on they lost a contract and I was very easy to get rid of with no notice at all. I don't miss it at all- but it is always a bit of a shock at first, especially when you have that sense of having had colleagues.

However, after a quiet time earlier this summer, it does seem there's more work around for freelancers at the moment (that's my experience anyhow). I'm sure you'll find something else if you want it.

WebDude Thu 03-Sep-09 10:31:39

Know a bit of how you feel. One of my long standing (would be 10 years in November) website clients decided on a redesign this year, (even though this will sound like sour grapes) I can only find faults with their new site, because 6 months on it still looks half finished, and whilst a firm of solicitors might want a page of links (eg to local estate agents), their web 'design' firm has a 'link exchange' type application form, which seems so thoroughly out of keeping with a firm of solicitors.

OK, they may be busy (I offered free {minor} changes in the annual hosting fee of under 30 pounds, and it needed me to chase them to consider any alterations they might want), but surely they have at least visited every page of their web site ?

I'm even tempted to put the web links up (they have two domain names, and never instructed the 'secondary' should point to the 'new' site), so people can compare.

Can only say 'keep your chin up' and hope other work comes your way.

I can see that there might be demand for free advertising of services from freelancers on MN. I'll happily host links to people if they find work dries up (putting together some UK-wide business directory sites - will have to make it easy to give a 100% discount for MNetters!)

WebDude Thu 03-Sep-09 10:35:36

(should have said 'links / phone numbers' as it looks like I'm touting for web business, and that's really not the case - happy to have more of course - but for some just having their phone number 'visible' may help)

BirdFromDaNorf Thu 10-Sep-09 22:22:58

Minko - what's your email address please? I may have some work. Not lots, but some is better than none And a good starting place... x

BirdFromDaNorf Fri 02-Oct-09 10:30:51

Minko, send me your contact details please Bird from Da Norf

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