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Anyone using UtilityWarehouse (Telecom Plus) for incoming (0800) calls?

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NetworkGuy Sat 22-Aug-09 18:02:37

Just looked at their website and see no pricing info.

Used to have an 0800 costing about 8p a minute for inbound calls, with Worldcom (then taken over by MCI, now probably owned by Verizon), and even had a radio jingle done (10 yrs ago)

However, have moved, not yet got a new landline (debating about BT or, lost track of MCI and probably would find that number issued to someone else.

Looked at the Utility Warehouse but can see no pricing info, and was just curious as to whether anyone is using them.

Have (a few weeks ago) come across another supplier offering no setup fee 0800, costing 1.5p a minute for incoming calls (to landline), and wanted to compare...

So, anyone using UW, or any other firm for 0800 calls, that can discuss the price they pay (and any minimum spend each month), please ?

Vampiara Sun 23-Aug-09 10:38:49

hi ya

I am a distributor for UW and can help

depending on your target minutes a month the monthly fee varies from £2 - £150, but is wavied if you meet your target minutes

For example if you are on band 1 its £2 a month rental, that is a target of 100 minutes

Minimum call charge is 5p

Destination UK fixed number is 4.5p peak, 3.6 off peak

Mobiles are 25.5p peak, 18.6p off peak and "3" is 25.5 at all times

Overseas is 13.5p at all times

Charges get cheaper with larger target minutes, next band is 2000 target minutes

We can also offer 0845, 0844 and 0871

As a package you can also get cheaper electricit, gas and the cashback card for added value.

Happy to talk to you about UWDC and can do a no obligation proposal for you.

My website is where you will find all my details.

HTH Kat x

WebDude Mon 24-Aug-09 12:48:29

Useful post - I had just recently been considering 0800 vs 0845/0870 (especially as there are sites about hating 0870) but can see that getting calls from a mobile could really sting the recipient.

I know some mobile networks/contracts are now including 0870 (and Ofcom blocks 'income share' so business no longer has any benefit from keeping someone on hold, so perhaps the general hatred of 0870 will die out soon)

Seeing the charges for mobiles had made me completely rethink whether to bother with an 0800, with or without any monthly minimum!

Thanks Vampiera (even if you didn't expect to put someone off using 0800 !!)

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