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can anyone help me find a part time job???

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mad4myboys Wed 29-Jul-09 18:28:46

i have an 8 month old and3 yr old(at pre school) and really need to earn abit of money. I used to be a manager in an insurance broker before having the boys but dont want to go back into that. I know alot of people want this type of work and am really struggling to find something. Perhaps from a virtual organisation?? Anything really i'd consider apart from avon type jobs.

Any tips?

Spoo Wed 29-Jul-09 18:38:24

You say apart form Avon type jobs what do you mean? Something like Pheonix cards or mini IQ books would probably suit you.

mad4myboys Wed 29-Jul-09 18:41:45

i mean not a sales type job. Ideally computer work.

goldenpeach Thu 30-Jul-09 19:28:48

Here's the rub, there are elusive this working from home jobs that don't involve selling. Have you checked gumtree in your area or nearest town?

TantieTowie Tue 04-Aug-09 14:25:22

If you start your own business you can work whatever hours you like, wherever you like - what about being a virtual assistant?

ineztamara Fri 28-Aug-09 18:53:24

My husband's company is expanding & they're looking for people that want to earn 500-1500 a month, for 2 evenings a week. Let me know if you're interested & I'll give you his number, you can ask him some questions yourself. Or alternatively, they have a business overview meeting, every Monday evening in Oxford Street (apart from this Monday, as it's Bank Holiday). My husband does this on the side, he has a full time job as well. I think it's absolutely FAB!!, as he makes loads of money by simply helping people 2 evenings a week. Gives me lots of extra ££ to buy all sorts of stuff for my 12 month old

WebDude Sun 30-Aug-09 13:48:44

ineztamara "helping people" to do what?

ineztamara Sun 30-Aug-09 15:23:53

Helping families become debt free & financially independant

WebDude Sun 30-Aug-09 16:05:56

Maybe I'm too dumb, but I am still unsure what your husband does...

Or is some pyramid scheme where one joins 'for a fee' and part of that is passed on, keeping a part himself. For those families he helps, it then becomes their task to find mugs others who will pay them a fee, eventually breaking even and then 'earning' an income, and so forth for their victims 'clients'.

Of course, if you clarify how he makes money, and how they become debt free, I will most certainly apologise for any suggestion it is a pyramid scheme, if that's not the case.

WebDude Sun 30-Aug-09 16:12:38

Must add that when I see anything being marketed as 'how to earn thousands a month' on the net, I think to myself, if they've found ways to do it, why on earth would they need to promote this - they are comfortably off, and claim the money rolls in...

Makes me think that the promotion is simply to con others (who are desperate) into getting involved, and by doing so, their money becomes part of that 'rolling in' income the promoter is making.

OurLadyOfPerpetualSupper Sun 30-Aug-09 16:25:54

Bumping this as I'd love to earn £££ for working 2 evenings a week - hopefully ineztamara will clarify.

ineztamara Tue 01-Sep-09 14:41:12

Wise people get all the facts before they make a judgement, and I would encourage everyone to do the same.
For the record 'WebDude' a pyramid is an illegal money laundering scam, and certainly not something that would be regulated by the Financial Services Authority!
This is a genuine, legal, tried & tested business opportunity for people who are serious about making a secondary income helping others.
This is not really the forum to discuss business opportunities as it's a 'parenting forum', but if anyone would like more information they can contact my husband direct, as it's his business. His email is


goldenpeach Sat 05-Sep-09 22:10:48

But you must admit that earning so much for so little work sounds a bit too good to be true. There must be a catch or we will be all doing it.

busybutterfly Sat 05-Sep-09 23:29:03

I'm a Bounty lady and love it - the hours fit in brilliantly with my 3 children. Are you near an hospital?

debola Mon 07-Sep-09 10:47:26

Thanks for the post, Tamara. I have some experience in this line of work and as long as it generates some income, I am in. I sent an email to Steve today. Fingers crossed. D

ANTagony Wed 09-Sep-09 06:57:15

A suggestion thats pin money but its fun and gets you socialising with a purpose... I joined the dubit family panel (via a link in the requests section) or

The campaigns you get involved with are ones that are relevant to you and its very low pressure.

For example my current campaign is for Cheestrings. I've been sent loads of cheestrings and money off vouchers to give out to friends and family and people within my wider circle of associates who might enjoy them. Your encouraged to use the promotional message of the week like 'each string contains the equivalent to one glass of milk'. The only real challenge is stopping my two eating them all before we finish handing them out.

I know its not a career move but having a positive reason to talk to people, like handing out the cheestrings oddly gets you talking to lots of people about work and business and might spring board you into something. Good luck

ScaredOfCows Wed 09-Sep-09 07:43:30

Ineztamara is the part time work your husband does based in London only, or anywhere in the country? Didn't want to email him directly if only London based.

emmabear Wed 23-Sep-09 19:42:35

Am very interested in that, can I have his number please???
Emma Hoy
Mother of 1.

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