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willywoo Mon 27-Jul-09 16:00:53

Hi, does anyone do logos? I have a logo but the quality is really poor and I need to get some business cards printed. I think it needs to be redone but need some advice.

Thanks in advance!

lluuccyy Wed 05-Aug-09 11:51:18

you've probably sorted this by now, but logos generally need to be 300dpi across 10cm in quality to print. It should be able to tell you that detail when you open up the logo on your PC/Mac.
I hope that helps!

happyfaces Tue 11-Aug-09 00:08:25


Good luck with your business cards, just a note to say that if your logo does not meet the quality required to print, you can always have a designer or artworker convert it to a vector format for you.

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