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What software would you be prepared to pay money for?

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StayingZen Tue 14-Jul-09 08:15:25

DH wants to be the next Bill Gates, but he needs a product and a market. My main criterion for any software product is that it should be free, so I'm no help. What would you freelancers/self-employed be prepared to pay for? Reliable and accessible file backups? Correspondence manager? Accounting systems? Tax and VAT stuff? A directory of suppliers? Anything?

southeastastra Tue 14-Jul-09 08:16:25

something to do my rotas grin asked on here over the weekend and goggled couldn't find much of any use.

flowerybeanbag Tue 14-Jul-09 14:56:51

Hmm. Well other than the usual Microsoft stuff you need to have, the only other thing I need and would be prepared to pay for is time recording software. However after asking on here I got a recommendation for a perfectly adequate free package which is fine, so even though I was prepared to pay if necessary, I didn't need to.

That wasn't particularly helpful was it?! grinblush

LaineyW Wed 15-Jul-09 14:17:25

I'm a freelance proofreader and copywriter so decided to take the plunge and ordered Adobe Dreamweaver recently with a view to setting up my own website. I know there are loads of freebie website templates out there in the ether, but I wanted to create something specifically for me which was a bit more modular and flexible.

Also ordered Adobe InDesign DTP software so I can not only proofread certain manuscripts but actually make the changes before the book is printed.

I think the problem these days is that there's so much free stuff, people are loathe to shell out for new things...

flowerybeanbag Wed 15-Jul-09 14:22:09

Ooh actually yes I did buy website software as well, RapidWeaver for DH's Mac.

craftynclothy Wed 15-Jul-09 14:41:02

A simple to use accounting system that will do my tax return for me and runs on Linux!

StayingZen Wed 15-Jul-09 15:57:35

Many thanks for your comments - obviously we need something people don't know they want yet!

ReallyReally Wed 15-Jul-09 16:00:14

something that stops me clicking on crappy websites till I have finished what I am doing

flowerybeanbag Wed 15-Jul-09 19:27:39

I think that's the key StayingZen, you need to create a need; something people wouldn't necessarily think of but when they read about the product then think how could they possibly live without it for a second longer.

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