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Have you ever paid for a business logo? Or know anyone who designs them?

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Boco Wed 08-Jul-09 15:16:08

If so, how much did it cost for the design?

I've done 2 so far, for friends, and it's always impossible to know what to charge friends as it is, so often end up doing hours of work for very little. Am currently doing a logo and some package design for a friend, and am totally stumped as to what to charge them.

Any indication of what it normally costs would be really really helpful!

blinks Wed 08-Jul-09 15:22:57

depends on usage.

find out exactly what the design will be used for and price based on that.

AOI have a price guide on their website. i'll post it in a minute....

blinks Wed 08-Jul-09 15:24:43

packaging pricing survey here

Boco Wed 08-Jul-09 17:53:32

Blinks thank you, that's really helpful, I'd completely forgotten about AOI.

blinks Wed 08-Jul-09 22:51:35

no problem... good luck.

blinks Wed 08-Jul-09 22:52:54

i should add that i often give the link to the aoi pricing survey's to clients to explain how pricing works. it can reassure them that they're getting your services for a fair price.

mrsbaldwin Thu 09-Jul-09 15:17:38

Boco - thousands for a logo that works as an online brand, with website created as part of the package.

Boco Thu 09-Jul-09 18:33:44

This is for a pet shop, small, local business. I find it so hard with friends, especially as they start out - which means I always undercharge - but then feel stupid as i'm also trying to make a living.

The package image is for a brand of pet food they're making and selling. I guess it will still be a local enterprise - they want a picture of animals to go on it and it's hard as there's nothing that quite corresponds for either thing on the aoi website (although it does give me more of an idea generally)

So, for a logo to go on the petfood, on their business paper, cards etc, van, t-shirts. And the image to go on packages of pet food - what roughly do you think, anyone? Purlease?

mrsbaldwin Fri 10-Jul-09 16:25:22

I would charge them the commercial rate with a couple of hundred knocked off for mates - because once you do a logo that's intended to be used on different platforms they could keep coming back to you asking for artwork to send to the van sprayer, business card printer, packaging printer etc. This will be loads of fiddly work and they may quickly not be your friends anymore. Why don't you suggest they get a couple of quotes from other designers/printers and you'll undercut those by 'a bit'?

blinks Sat 11-Jul-09 01:35:07

do you have an idea of their budget?

for the logo i'd charge approx £700.00 and that would be to use the logo for those specific uses. if they expanded and wanted to use it in other ways it should be tied in that you would be paid more.

for the packaging i'd license the use for a year or two for agreed terms (ie for UK usage only for certain packaging) and then re-evaluate at the end of that license term. if they expanded etc then an amount would be re-renegotiated. for one image for the packaging i'd probably charge about £700.00 also.

so that would be around the £1400.00 mark for the whole job. maybe round it up to £1500.00.

then you could take some money off, say 15% to account for mates rates.

blinks Sat 11-Jul-09 01:35:57

too many re's... should be 'renegotiated'.

got a bit carried away.

blinks Sat 11-Jul-09 01:38:00

looking again at the aoi survey for packaging i think my estimate is a fair one.

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