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mother and baby yoga

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burstingcarrot Tue 07-Jul-09 22:01:30

Hi everyone, I'm a self-employed yoga teacher who is just about to go back to work after maternity leave. I'm thinking of doing a specialised pregnancy class but not sure when would be best time to do it? Thinking an evening would be best but anyone got any thoughts? I'm also thinking of doing a postnatal class but can't decide whether to do it as a mother and baby in the day or just a class for mothers on an evening? I think I've still got baby brain anyone any thoughts?
hope you can help

poshtottie Wed 08-Jul-09 07:45:57

Hi, I'm a yoga teacher aswell.

I have just finished the BWY pregnancy module.

I think the best time for a pregnancy class is in the evening though women are allowed to take time off work to do a class like this.

As for postnatal I would do a daytime class for mums and babies. I teach baby yoga and though I have not been busy lately, I think once I teach a pregnancy class I will have a captive audience, (well I am hoping).

FlorenceandtheWashingMachine Thu 09-Jul-09 13:15:55

I did exactly what poshtottie suggests (as a mum not a teacher). The mums and babies class started with baby massage and the theory was that the babies went to sleep while we did our yoga (we normally has only one screamer).

I enjoyed my yoga so much that I named my DD1 after my teacher! smile

Good luck with it.

burstingcarrot Thu 09-Jul-09 20:35:16

Thanks for that.I am just completing the BWY pregnancy module too! I was pregnant when I started it last year and its taken me longer than everyone else to get it done. Think I've lost the will to do any more assignments at the mo - 2 kids, living at my mums while we buy new house that is a wreck - only yoga keeps me sane!

fourlittlefeet Sat 18-Jul-09 12:46:35

Hi there, where are you based? I did antenatal yoga at 10am on Wednesdays (only during maternity leave, though there were people coming from work). Also did postnatal yoga, with a baby on the mat next to me. It was always the session after the antenatal, so as you left, lots of new babies were arriving... it was lovely! Great idea as it makes you sleep well and feel generally fabulous. Can't do it now as baby number one is now a toddler and no-one takes them during sessions sad.

overthemill Sat 15-Aug-09 22:24:08

i think when post baby classes around 10.30 were best for me.

on another note, which org did you do your training with? I want to qualify as a yoga teacher and have no idea which org to choose, don't have high income and need good value as well as good quality - any ideas?

sailorsgal Sun 16-Aug-09 07:51:52

Overthemill, I trained with a yoga alliance recognised course in Australia but did pregnancy yoga with the British Wheel.

Most courses are expensive but with the British Wheel you can normally pay in installments. You could do their foundation course first which is normally one day. This is open to anyone with an interest in yoga and for those wishing to go on to the teaching course.

Whereabouts are you?

thirtypence Sun 16-Aug-09 07:57:26

Antenatal yoga - at night initially going for the PFB market.

Mother and baby - during day once your initial mums have had the baby.

Post natal yoga at night - once your mums have another child/go back to work/baby becomes too old.

Combination of the 3 as you get the bums on seats - or backs on mats in your case.

overthemill Sun 16-Aug-09 13:32:18

I am in Beds - really love yoga but haven't been practising very long. there don't seem to be many classes near me at all so i wondered about it, that's all. i think a foundation course would be good for me and help to see if i have the aptitude! thanks for the bwy - i hadn't heard of them

sailorsgal Mon 17-Aug-09 11:54:14

overthemill, sorry my message should have read the foundation course is usually one day a month for about 10 days in total.

lisad123wantsherquoteinDM Mon 17-Aug-09 12:07:15

your welcome to come to our childrens centre and teach there, the mums are forever asking for classes

overthemill Mon 17-Aug-09 16:27:30

sailorgrl i have got info on a fairly local course which is 1 saturday morning a month for one year - it sounds really good and even if i don't end up doing the teaching course it should help my yoga practise!

sailorsgal Mon 17-Aug-09 16:33:12

Overthemill, thats brilliant. smile And if you did decide to go on to teacher training you would definitely get accepted.

Good luck.

burstingcarrot Thu 20-Aug-09 20:49:03

I'm based near retford in north nottinghamshire. I'd be happy to do classes if your nearby. At present I'm starting an antenatal class but the only time that's free at the yoga centre I work for is a friday night. I think most people are too tired by the end of the week but we shall see how it goes. Where are you based?
Thanks everyone for you input I haven't been on for ages and this is the first time I've used teh message boards - they are fab :0

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