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pootlepod Thu 18-Jun-09 11:51:37

Just need some thoughts from anyone who might know about this situation.

I am self employed with my own business and will be going on maternity leave in July. I am entitled to the full rate of maternity allowance which will be a great help. I was planning to return in November after about 16 weeks. However I have a dilemma as the MA I am entitled to is a lot more than what the business pays me ATM (to do with term time working etc). It would be financially better for me to have the 39 weeks of MA.

The business is in it's early days still hence the very low wage (we're talking far less than a minimum wage for the hours worked, as it is when most people set up). Technically, I can't not work during this period anyway as I will still have to field phonecalls and do admin even though someone else will be doing the 'physical' work. Again as it is with most self employed/business related you never quite break free. But I was wondering if it was possible for me to return in a more physical role after 16 weeks on a voluntary basis, so that the business does not pay me until I reach that 39th week of maternity pay?

thumbwitch Thu 18-Jun-09 23:03:02

Can't help you with the legalities of your situation but would suggest you re-post it with some more info in your title so that it attracts more attention?

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