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Does anyone here own/run a cafe?

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FruitynNutty Thu 04-Jun-09 09:36:14

My friend and I are seriously thinking about opening up a cafe in our local park and need lots of hints and tips to make it work. Also where do we start?

We are, currently, both Childminders who have been in Childcare for quite a long time. We both have our own DS's who are very good friends.
Our DS's school is right next to the park (cafe would attract Mums/Dads) and there is also a busy tube station very close by (could aim to advertise near the station)

The building we want to use is currently a nursery school which is closing in July.
We spoke to the Park attendant who said the building costs £10 per hour. I'm a little confused by this as surely we would take on a lease?

All the Mums and Childminders we know in the area say a cafe in the park would be a fantastic idea as we don't have a park with a cafe locally.

We'd like to make it very child friendly, serve healthy salads/sandwiches and homemade cakes/pastries as well as excellent tea/coffee.

Just realised the time! Got to go now but will come back a bit later.

Any advise would be gratefully received!

Wheelybug Thu 04-Jun-09 09:40:58

Hi Fruity.

Have you ever visited what was called 'cheeky monkeys', now 'rascals' in Motspur park ? Its in a sports pavilion in the park. It has basic-ish soft play equipment (bouncy castle, ball pit, a couple of small slides, play house, sit in cars. They then do lunches/coffees etc. Childrens parties after hours and sundays.

Presumably if its currently a nursery you might have room to do something like this ? Rascals is always heaving.

Another child friendly cafe which might be worth a look at nearby-ish is in Worcester Park and called Mummas and Cuppas. Have only been there once to a party but sounds like a similar clientele you might be looking at.

Finally, why don't you speak to the nursery school to find out what they pay/ how they pay and also why they are leaving.

Good luck ! Sounds an interesting prospect. I'll come for a cuppa !!

you Thu 04-Jun-09 14:27:11

Hi Fruity (it's firstontheway)

No experience with cafes but stalked you to see how you're getting on grin

Get yo' ass over to the tubular thread and tell me you're fine and dandy please!

FruitynNutty Fri 05-Jun-09 11:11:12

Hello you two smile

Wheely thanks for that fab bit of infosmile I had no idea either places existed so I'll go and have a look. We've already got enough playcentres in Colliers Wood but we'll definitely need something to keep the children entertained. Even just a few toys a books would do.
I'll give you a shout if/when we get up and running - might even give you a free coffee if you're lucky wink

firstontheway/you Sorry blush Coming over right now! grin

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