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Link Swap anyone??

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VeeBee3 Wed 27-May-09 14:43:11

This is my first time posting on here but i've been lurking for a little while wink.

I have just published my website and wanted to include a links page for my customers. Is there anyone interested in putting a link to their website on mine with a link to mine on theirs (if that makes sense)?

Needs to be something that would work well with but not in direct competion with my site. Hopefully would be good advertising for both sites.


flowerybeanbag Wed 27-May-09 14:48:47

Hi veebee

What do you do?

VeeBee3 Wed 27-May-09 14:56:53

I sell Ladies lingerie and associated accessories at affordable prices. I used to do this from a shop premises but the overheads meant i couldn't keep the prices of the lingerie down. I am still in the process of adding more items to my online shop which is keeping me very busy.

flowerybeanbag Wed 27-May-09 20:02:50

Best of luck with it, no good for a link swap with me though!

VeeBee3 Thu 28-May-09 10:02:11

Thats ashame but thanks for replying though x

DadAtLarge Fri 29-May-09 12:43:54

VeeBee3, I normally post in other sections of MN, but saw this and got tempted to comment.

Link swaps are not the best way of building links. They are counter productive and the search engines can easily algorithmically work out such linking schemes and discount them. Have a read of what's a good link.

There's also this thread on a webmaster forum you may find interesting.

VeeBee3 Mon 01-Jun-09 14:58:44

Hi DadatLarge

Thanks very much for that link and information i got from it. It was something that someone had recommended so i thought it might complement the other types of marketing i'm trying.

Will look further into the info you sent.

Thanks taking the time to reply as any advice is always appreciated.

Webme1 Wed 19-Aug-09 18:04:38

I have a free ads section on the website If you would care to submit the link through the website with a brief description of what you offer the public, I may be able to post it.

VeeBee3 Sun 23-Aug-09 16:00:29

Thank you Webme1, will take a look.

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