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Ideas for finding writing work to fit around being a SAHM? Before the housework drives me INSANE...

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PrettyUselessHousewife Tue 26-May-09 21:56:39

So the plan was that once the maternity benefit ended I would go back to my freelance writing work (mostly company brochures, newsletters, blogs and occasional magazine work) and fit it around looking after my ds. Oh how I laugh at my poor, naïve, misguided pre-parenthood self grin

I've managed to get myself the odd bit of work but not nearly enough for either my bank balance or my sanity. I've lost track of many of my former contacts and the recession has definitely had an impact. Not to mention the fact that fitting work around a demanding toddler is MUCH harder than I thought. So I could really do with hints, tips and new ideas for ways to drum up work and perhaps different types of work I could do.

plimple Tue 26-May-09 22:56:54

Don't know a lot about your line of work. Good luck though! I bet you know how to get more work yourself, you just need to make a plan, give yourself targets and deadlines and you'll be flying.

teafortwo Wed 27-May-09 08:23:17

Lots of mners have careers in your line of work - I am really hoping there is someone out there to point you in the right direction.... I am certain there are lots of opportunities out there for you!!!!!!!

I am sure you have - but all I can think of is - Have you tried signing up with some agencies?

Good luck - it is a very exciting time for you - the World is your Oyster.... wow wow wow wow!!!!!!!

I will look out for you on mn with your nice new name change - 'Prettybrilliantcareerwoman' grin!!!!

Haribosmummy Wed 27-May-09 08:33:51

Hi there!

I went freelance after my DS was born - as a chemist working on industrial H&S regulations.

I found it was easier to get work through an agency (I used two specialist H&S employment agencies - but I am sure there are specific agencies for writing)


The agency then takes a fee (of an already paltry wage!) and I also struggled to get payment from a couple of places - one place just told me they weren't paying and to take them to small claims!! shock (though I must say, this was at least partly my fault for not having some extra work they'd asked me to do written into the contract!)

SO, between: Touting for work / doing the work / chasing for payment / payments to agencies it just wasn't worth it. Plus, trying to fit in a couple of hours work once my DS had gone to sleep was EXHAUSTING!!!

I've decided instead to train as a chemistry teacher. The training can fit around my DS (and DB due in July) and I get paid to train (which covers childcare and travel expenses and leaves me with a little pocket money for some work clothes grin) and I'll be ready to go back into full time work (into a position which will be needed!!!!!) by the time my DS is in reception and the new baby won't be far behind him (there will only be 14 months between them)

So, that's one idea I suppose!!!

What are your other interests?

Not sure if

teafortwo Wed 27-May-09 08:47:27

Funny.... I was going to suggest teaching....

I can imagine pretty working in Adult literacy for some reason or English as a Second Language.... and of course writing too.

bohemianbint Wed 27-May-09 08:51:21

I'm in the same boat - have gone from employed copy writer pre-children to basically unemployed freelance now. I keep meaning to sort my website out and market myself but to be honest I hardly have time to go for a wee let alone do that. Will watch this with interest...

Haribosmummy Wed 27-May-09 09:08:32

The trouble I found with freelance stuff is it was too sporadic to be able to organise permanent childcare - so when I was busy, I had to fit it in around DS sleeping and when a client wanted me to go into the office, I had to tout around for childcare.

I have one friend who set up a specialist recruitment agency (with a good website etc) and is doing well.

PrettyUselessHousewife Wed 27-May-09 12:15:45

Hmm, teaching... I had fleetingly thought of that but ruled it out as I'm not sure I'd be that good at the crowd control element of dealing with thirty kids. Adults is a different matter though - that might be a good idea - I will have a google later.

It hadn't occurred to me that there are agencies for writing. But, I have a pretty allovertheplace interesting job history so I don't know if they'd want to use me. It's worth a try though, I guess. Can anyone suggest any specific agencies?

plimple - you're right, I just need to get organised and start marketing myself.

Haribosmummy - I'm in awe of anyone who understands chemistry!

bohemianbint - can you approach your former employers for freelance work? I know what you mean about the website and marketing - it's on my to do list too!

teafortwo - your relentless positivity is rubbing off on me a bit - are you a life coach?! grin

Haribosmummy Wed 27-May-09 12:53:45

PUH - Before you absolutely rule out teaching, why not sign up for a one day taster course? (or write to a couple of local schools).

I've spent time in many different schools now - private, grammer, comprehensive and Secondary modern and while some of the pupils were horrible challenging, the majority DO want to learn.

But, there are lots of other avenues - above and beyond teaching in a school... There are lots of courses for slightly older students (Teaching English as a second language, as T42 suggested, is one that comes to mind, but I am sure there are loads more!)

Proofreading might be another thing you would want to look into??

I think the key is to look at stuff you've done and see what parts you really enjoyed...

Could you move slightly into events management? That's a big market nowadays?

bohemianbint Wed 27-May-09 13:08:43

I could - if I hadn't sued them! I worked for a hideous materialistic old tosser bigot who employed a man to cover my maternity leave, and then fell in love with him and wanted to keep him. I was demoted to being his errand girl and lost all my earning potential.

Am quite glad not to have to look at his disgusting old face ever again though. grin

teafortwo Wed 27-May-09 19:39:17

ha ha ha - no I am not a life coach - I am, however, completely exhausted after a day of....

.....teaching grin

Patches23 Fri 19-Jun-09 23:37:14

Message withdrawn

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