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name for a website? any ideas pleeeease

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overthemill Tue 19-May-09 22:19:08

i am setting up a new business offering a very personal tailored service for organisations requiring one person to work with them on smaller projects such as facilitation, engagement and consultation. I will also be able to offer training services around diversity and cohesion as well as strategic reviews etc. I also have a small pool of people I have worked with in the past for those times when one pair of hands isn't enough! My daily rates will be very reasonable.

It'll be aimed at public sector / vol orgs.

now, i've set up a limited company named 'my name' consulting ltd but i want something a bit snappier for the website name. any ideas??

nannynick Mon 25-May-09 18:01:01

Do you get the idea. You can play with word combinations at FreeParking enter 3 words and it will tell you what domains are available.
Then register suitable names with your webhost/preferred domain register.

Why do you want a website called something like: Diversity Training London ?

Because you need to think about how someone will find out about your business... will they Google you?

What will someone looking for a service like the one you provide search for at Google? Will someone search for Diversity Training in London? If so, a website which is called Diversity Training London and which mentions Diversity Training and the location London frequently on various webpages in the site, will get picked by Google as a top-10 choice.

Also humans are good at remembering short phrases. Remembering Overthemill's Diversity, facilitation, engagement and consultation company... is a bit much to expect. They will however remember that for all their Diversity Training needs, they just need to go to (if you were say in London).

nannynick Mon 25-May-09 18:11:25

Guess it would be more helpful if I actually knew what you actually did - what is Facilitations Training, Diversity Training? Do you just do training, or do you go along to community meetings and facilitate the discussion? (think that is what facilitation training is for ... though not sure)

overthemill Mon 01-Jun-09 22:08:25

sorry been offline for a week. i think i'm gonna stick with 'myname' consulting - was hoping for something sparky but all advice (here and elsewhere) is stick with name as that's how people will look for me. and have links everywhere!! will now rush off to find a web designer...

nct73 Fri 05-Jun-09 21:09:04

Try posting for a freelance one on here. I am not one but DH is but am due baby yesterday so he is not taking on any freelance stuff at mo but am sure there are other MNers who fit web design round kids.

futurity Mon 08-Jun-09 19:02:58

Come to this quite DH and I do website design..I do the pretty stuff and he does the back end techie stuff but is also a wizz in coming up with the right name for the website so that it can be found in search engines better. You are right about having your own name but it also has to have in keywords in to make it Google friendly and definitely work on linking to other people and getting them to link back to you. Sorry..all very quick as just off to put kids to bed...CAT me if you have any further questions!

overthemill Thu 11-Jun-09 08:21:06

ooh, thanks to you both, will be in touch

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