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Anybody going slightly crazy working from home?

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staranise Sun 17-May-09 15:02:15

Hello, ages since I've been on (had dc3 in November). Wasn't planning on working so soon after dc3 but a big project got passed my way with a September deadline and so here I am again, fitting in work around the demands of three kids under 5, no childcare, phenomenal amounts of housework etc and going slightly crazy!
How does anyone ever get any work done working from home? I long for the days of being able to trip off to an office with my own desk, computer, phone etc and work uninterrupted for, say, four hours!

Had better get back to it...

Dysgu Sun 17-May-09 15:32:19

have no idea how to get anything done - I had DD2 i December and everyday chores remain undone sometimes without the pressure of 'real' work.

that said, I sometimes count the days until I get to go back to work!

Sorry for no answers but well done for even trying, congratulations on the birth of DC3 and this should bump you.

bigcometobedeyes Sun 17-May-09 16:50:30

Yes this rings a few bells star and I havent got the same family demands as you ro well done for taking it on. grin

Sibh Sun 17-May-09 17:27:59

Star - I have 3 and ended up in a very similar situation. I put the children to bed. Tidied till 9:30 and then worked om my project every night for three months.

Then my body called a halt with a series of migraines (I am never sick) and it made everything enven more complicated.

With hindsight I'd have treated the job as a 'keeping my hand in' thing, and used the money I had coming in for a cleaner and other bits and bobs (internet shopping etc.) to that I had the time.
Got to run (busy again) smile

Sibh Sun 17-May-09 17:29:35

add 'until 2am' blush

staranise Sun 17-May-09 18:00:00

yes, I think you are right Sibh - I do have a cleaner but i might also pull in a bit of childcare, particularly over the summer holidays, and forget about actually making any profit. Problem is, I can't even whinge too much about it as it's totally my fault for taking the work on.

Ho hum, time to stop and cook dinner... thanks for the messages

bigcometobedeyes Mon 18-May-09 11:50:19

arrrggghhhh website hosts and fumbling about DS still pj's (eek)

stallfinder Mon 01-Jun-09 20:40:58

I work from home but my kids are all at school now so I do get time to work uninterrupted. I actually spend too long at the computer so I'm trying to split my days up a bit better.

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