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On my knees help me - Sale or return agreement contents/template

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bigcometobedeyes Wed 22-Apr-09 17:50:06

Can nyone direct me to website or advise me how to word a sale or return agreement, need to have one put together for the Saturday.

I am just starting and cant afford no legal bods.

It coud include upto £200.00 worth of stock at two outlets - the owners both seem very nice but I know I shouldnt just 'wing it' which I was going to til started reading up.

bigcometobedeyes Thu 23-Apr-09 10:24:43


bettythebuilder Thu 23-Apr-09 21:49:14

I thought there would be some info out there, but I've googled and googled and not found much at all!

I found this and this both on a business forum I'm on which may help a little.

bigcometobedeyes Sat 25-Apr-09 16:53:14

Thanks Betty - I did find those ones, I was getting very stressed about it and wasted loads of time, here is what I have done since then!

Cleaned house from top to bottom - all dishes and underwear were used up!
Sourced a fancy dress costume - picked up and delivered!
Received two yes TWO incomplete first order off two suppliers
Sourced packaging and picked this up (local supplier)
Went to hospital for treatment (minor stuff)
Went to work
Went to concert
Got up early this morning made up products
Pitched to two retailers who have agreed to stock on sale or return - so I am doing it on basic written terms afterall pretty much on trust!

I have a foot in the door of the retail world! (best paint toe nails!!! LOL grin)

Soorry this should be on other thread but I am wiped out but there you hve it!

Thanks - baby gift soon and I'll ge that order to you. Best wishes til then.

bettythebuilder Sat 25-Apr-09 22:03:42

great news about the shops, you're on fire !

I have a problem with diversionary tactics... for about 3 days now I've been trying to write a guest post for a stockists blog. Nothing major, just a bit about my business and the inspiration behind the baby feed wheel. Have I done it? Have I heck. I've never had such a shiny bathroom or well watered seedlings

bigcometobedeyes Sun 26-Apr-09 09:21:23

Oh so that is what they call it! Diversionary tactics - Betty do you really think I am on fire? I feel like Ive done shed loads of work and I actually havnt sold anything yet, I mean I am not 'launched so public' and website isnt done yet. Even DH when I returned said 'oh you must have hit on something here' and 'why do you think it is' He is not interested in the concept but has given me advice and money re business side. I think he knows I will do it just maybe not so easily. As long as my salary rom my two days/week is there to cushion us I dont think he is bothered.

When I buy my sporty mercedes car (whatever it is - Ive seen them bout) he can eat my dust! This women is not for stalling!

Sounds interesting what you've been asked to do. Betty are you a member of any women in business groups or network organistions. I read one womens site and they sounded like vultures! <scuttle off to play with ribbons>

Are you going to mention mumsnets on your blog - how you gained a fascinating insight into parental anxienties about feeding and memorry loss and general disruption!

You must let me know when you are published. Well done.

MN the best doversionry of them all - long posts!

mazzathebazza Mon 07-Sep-09 16:56:14

Hey bigcometobedeyes,

Did you manage to find a template for a sale or return agreement? Or did you come up with an alternative solution?

sarahsyrup Mon 07-Sep-09 22:18:27

Hi There,

I supply shops on a consignment basis, I guess that the same as 'sale or return'? Ie: I don't get paid until they sell something.

I don't have any terms, maybe that's daft, but I just send a list of what I sent them, and have someone sign to say 'yes, that's what we recieved from you' and send it back to me, so I have physical proof that they have it. They then pay me monthly for what the sell and I restock as and when it's needed.

Perhaps you're operating on a much bigger scale than me, but I think you can just go ahead if you're talking about orders under £500 personally. They wouldn't be able to stay in business, if they were going to rip you off and nick off with £500 worth of your goods etc.

Don't know if this helps, just thought I'd put my two pennies worth in.


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