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Flexi Childcare for Freelancers

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Katylu Tue 31-Mar-09 22:21:29


I'm a freelance TV director living in Stoke Newington in London. I'm starting to look into childcare options for my daughter for when shes about 9 months and I go back to work. I work on contract and am hoping to do a contract for say 2 to 4 months and then have a couple of months off before doing the next contract. Does anyone have advice on best childcare option for this sort of thing?

I'm contemplating nurseries and childminders. I want to find a solution where my little one gets good child care that can be flexible without being too disruptive for her. This is all new to me so any tips are welcome.

Umlellala Wed 01-Apr-09 20:36:37

Hello from Stoke Newington!

The problem you will have is that anyone taking on your daughter (congrats btw) will not be able to take on anyone else in her place whilst the place isn't needed (unless you are happy to pay for childcare but choose to keep her at home occasionally). So really, you are probably looking for a childminder who will take your daughter as an 'additional' mindeee iykwim... Maybe ask on the Childminders thread what they think?

UniS Sat 04-Apr-09 23:26:38

Hi- good luck. its not easy. I'm a freelance lighting designer/ tech. I cherry pick my contracts and turn some down as I can;t sort out childcare to cover them. We have used 2 childminders, some swapping childcare with a friend who also works erratic days, and most recently a large nursery ( part of a chain).
The large nursery was surprisingly helpfull. Boy did a block of days with them before Christmas, when I had 2 weeks work. In Jan-march hes been 1 day a week( and I've worked one weekday and 1 sat or sun which DH covers). Now I have no work and he will not be going. BUT when I next get offered something that can;t be covered by dh and friend I shall ask nursery if they have spaces for those days.
As a large nursery they seemed to run at slightly under capacity most days, kids would be off on holiday or a room might be under capacity for a few weeks until children in younger room moved up. Wednesday was the busyist day for them as most part timers want to work wednesday.

PaulaMummyKnowsBest Thu 09-Apr-09 19:13:42

Some nannies (including myself) work ad hoc.

You can probably find someone here on the nannies page

DaniMeredith Wed 31-Aug-11 12:56:16

Hi. I am a freelance production manager and looking for flexible childcare. I'm based in Ealing. Anyone know of any nanny shares?

SusanQalent Tue 25-Jun-13 23:24:09

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