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Can you tell me how quickly you generally respond to your clients' emails?

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MaplePecanPlait Tue 24-Feb-09 23:04:47

Say, I emailed you (assuming you check emails every day) and asked for an update.

Just out of interest really.

I have given some work to a freelancer and she sometimes takes a fortnight to come back to me. To top it all I have had an email from her today complaining that I have not been in touch with her! I last spoke to her around a month ago and gave her my instructions - shouldn't she be in touch with me with an update of what she is doing?

For the record I have complained about the lack of attention and reminded her that I am her client and as such need to receive the services I am paying I going mad??

blinks Tue 24-Feb-09 23:14:58

seems shabby.

is it too late to get someone else to do it?

MaplePecanPlait Tue 24-Feb-09 23:22:43

oh gawd - messed up here and have two identical threads going on this...doh.

I would really like to fire this woman but she does know my project very well. As bad as she is I do trust her with the actual work.....when she gets her finger out. I was quite surprised to hear recently through a third party that she works from home but has no computer or internet at home so it seems I have to wait until she gets access somehow. I wish she would come clean about it and just explain that she has limited access and I could contact her by phone (although complicated by the fact that she is abroad so expensive to call).

blinks Wed 25-Feb-09 00:00:54

smoke signals? psychic messaging?

really, it's no way to conduct yourself professionally... it's up to you- if she's worth the bother then fair enough but in my eyes, she'd have to be the best at what she does.

what industry are you in?

mazzystartled Wed 25-Feb-09 00:19:28

yes she should
i try to reply within the day to emails. though that might initally be just a quick note, with full report to follow.
if you are going to continue using her you need to agree the reporting mechanism - key dates and milestones when you give her the work. if the brief is at all woolly, then she may feel she can be woolly back....

Quattrocento Wed 25-Feb-09 00:21:35

Our work protocols are:

1. Respond to voicemails within 3 hours
2. Respond to emails within 4 hours

MaplePecanPlait Wed 25-Feb-09 12:21:46

Thanks all.

As I thought - a quick response is kind of standard!

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