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first year doing tax form-question!

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lydiathetattooedlady Sun 02-Nov-08 15:02:38

im doing on line form for tax from last nov 07-april 08.once the form has been completed, how long do you have to pay your tax? is it straight away?

barbie1 Sun 02-Nov-08 15:10:45

until june the year after, as long as your tax form is in by the 31st of jan it takes them weeks to plough through and check up on everybody!

SenoraPostrophe Sun 02-Nov-08 15:13:12

I think tax from that year is due in january. it doesn't matter when you fill the form in. but also the 1st half of this year's tax will be due then too they'll assume it'll be the same as last year, but you can fill in a form to say how much it will be if you like

Eddas Sun 02-Nov-08 22:20:53

You have to pay the tax by 31st Jan 2009. If you're liability is over £500 you need to pay half as much again as a payment on account towards this years bill(ie year ended 5th April 2009) then you pay the same again by 31st July 2009.

So if your liability is £600 you will pay;

£900 by 31st Jan 2009
£300 by 31st July 2009

If your liability is under £500 there's no need to pay on account.

Make sure you pay by 31st Jan or they will charge interest and if unpaid after a certain time they wack on surcharges too!

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