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Am I insane?

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phantasmagoria Wed 15-Oct-08 16:09:13

I've worked really really hard since the dcs were born to get my career back on track. It's extremely important to me for loads of reasons - financial independence, role model for the girls, plus I love it and it's vocational thing. It's also been my sanity during some hideous times over the recent years. Most of this has been done with no support, and often downright blocks, from my probably soon to be exh. My career is in a field that is populated largely by childless people or gay men - it's an arty thing - and there's a degree of flakiness/flexibility that, as someone who has to organise and pay for childcare on an ad hoc basis, is completely stressful. I suppose I am venting, and wanting to see if others are in a similar position. The consensus in this wealthy, dullsville, sanctimonious corner of the world is that a career is something one fits in in between jogging and having cappuccini. I feel really strongly that I should be able to carry on with things, but sometimes I wonder if the stress is worth it. Stories, good, bad, shocking, etc, much appreciated.

phantasmagoria Wed 15-Oct-08 21:54:19

any body?

chocolatelady Wed 15-Oct-08 22:03:19

I had the same dilema last year. I worked in retail management for 15 years only to realise last year that with 2 kids its just not worth the stress and the hours that oyu have to put in. It took me ages to actually make the final decision to give it all up! I was so stressed and did not have any life... I am a new person now. So if you are thinking whather its worth giving up then I suggest to go for it! I have my own party plan business and I am so much happier for it. No more stress relates stuff. I feel for you smile good luck!

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