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HELP....Wanting to open own Nanny Agency but where to start???

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aj13 Sat 04-Oct-08 23:10:46

Hi I have Childcare qualifications with plenty of experience but been thinking for a while now whether to start my own agency.
Having my daughter has made me and my partner want to do it more but we dont have a clue where to start!
Is it easy to set up? Im not looking for an easy job, once up and running I dont mind the hard work.
I already have qualified/registered nannies and childminders lined up if I go ahead.
Any help or advise welcome

pickupthismess Tue 07-Oct-08 20:10:14

Think setting up an agency would bemuch like setting up any business.

Here's a bit I cribbed from the net with my comments in capitals:

Investigate Your Legal Responsibilities
When you decide to start a new business one of your first responsibilities is to investigate all of your legal responsibilities. These include naming your business, structuring your business (company or partnership) and registering your business (limited company –private or public, partnership or limited liability partnership). SPEAK TO YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS LINK. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. THEY'RE FREE AND THEY'RE SO HELPFUL THEY WILL RUN YOU THROUGH ALL THIS.

You’ll also need to set up an accounting system and investigate your tax responsibilities including VAT, income, corporate and other business taxes, PAYE and National Insurance, employing others and keeping records of all of your financial transactions. Arranging for all necessary insurances is also something that aspiring business owners need to undertake at the very start, including those that are specific to a business’ premises.


Advertise for Good Nannies
Once the legal responsibilities are taken care of and your business premises have been secured (and furnished), any good nanny agency needs to engage the services of nannies. This will require advertising for superior nannies, running background checks to ensure that their references are impeccable, checking that their training is exceptional and making sure that there is nothing to indicate that they should not work in this field. OBVIOUSLY YOU ARE HALF WAY THERE

Some agencies may also want to arrange training for their nannies, such as specific first aid courses, so if this is the case for your agency then you’ll need to organise the teachers, classes and necessary resources as well as deciding on payment for these courses. Only when you have a substantial number of qualified nannies ready to take on jobs should you then move along to working directly with clients.

Market Your Services
In order to build up a strong client base for your nanny agency you’ll need to market your services. This may be as simple as handing out flyers at local children’s areas (schools, playgrounds, community classes, etc), though most business today need some sort of website to provide further information on the agency.

Taking out an ad in the phone book, running an ad on the radio or even airing an ad on the television might also be means of reaching a wider client base. Unfortunately, marketing can be expensive for a new business so sticking firmly to your marketing budget is always imperative.


Starting your own nanny business is a great way to make sure that parents in your area have the ability to engage the services of exceptional childcare providers. Investigating your legal business responsibilities, advertising for good nannies and marketing your services are imperative steps towards a successful nanny agency.


aj13 Thu 23-Oct-08 17:37:16

Thank you.

Anyone else with any information??

BabyTalk13 Sat 08-Nov-08 00:19:53

Bumped to get back up the top!!!

BabyTalk13 Sat 08-Nov-08 00:25:30

I have layed everything out....

The website - but how to get up and running? who can I get to design it how I want?
I know the page name I want is available once Im ready so dont want this to go whilst im faffing!!

Iv done all the writing for it which will go on website and written out all registration forms.

I have worked out fees and structures. Plus think I have now finished writing up terms and conditions although still got to read and check through.

Is there anything I am missing? non obvious things that I might not think of or realise I have to do/know??

nannynick Sat 08-Nov-08 16:27:48

Website - navymummy designed mine (if you don't know my web URL, see my profile for details).
I find it easiest registering the domain name with the same company who is doing the web hosting... helps tie it together nicely without you needing to mess around with DNS (the web host will do that for you). I've been hosting with for many years now... quite reasonable price wise. Your web designer can then be given the appropriate FTP login details. Otherwise, find a web designer and ask them to arrange domain name and web hosting.

Do you have:

Internal Procedures - forms for reference checking, family visits, nanny interviews, advert budget tracker of some kind (so you know how much you are spending out on advertising, plus success rate of those adverts). Accounts book of some sort, to track income, expenditure etc.

Bank account, ability to take credit cards?

Some kind of deal with a company providing nanny payroll service?

nannynick Sat 08-Nov-08 16:37:55

Ability to carry out an Enhanced CRB check? Do you need that, or can you insist that all nannies registering are Ofsted registered... hmm, I've no idea. Also keep uptodate with the new scheme coming in next year... Independent Safeguarding Authority... how is this to affect nannies? I suspect that it will, as it will enable parents to check a nanny is cleared to work with children.

BabyTalk13 Sat 08-Nov-08 17:43:56

Thank you, there are a few things iv still got to do which you mentioned

MrVibrating Sat 08-Nov-08 18:21:25

Are you aware of the information on this page?.

BabyTalk13 Sat 08-Nov-08 18:31:45

Hi this is very helpful thank you. I have actually been using the businesss link website but every bit of information I can gather together is very helpful.

EachPeachPearMum Sat 08-Nov-08 18:40:22

Don't mean to be a pessimist, but I imagine a lot of people are cutting back in this area at the moment!
Make sure you research your market thoroughly before going for it- lots of independent schools are struggling, and I should imagine a fair few nannies are being handed P45s.

nannynick Sun 09-Nov-08 14:46:24

I find it a little odd that you are looking for a nanny job yourself, yet are also going to run an agency. I feel you need to concentrate on one or the other... doing both at the same time could be tricky - your employer may not want you taking agency calls while you are at work.

Is there sufficient demand for the service? Not sure about that, here on Mumsnet any parent asking about hiring a nanny, is likely to be told how to do it themselves rather than use an agency. Ok so not everyone is a Mumsnet user but I would have thought that demand for agencies has dropped since sites such as NannyJob, Gumtree etc have developed.

whooosh Sun 09-Nov-08 15:09:53

Forget websites and adveritising etc.The first thing you need to do is register with the Department of Employment.
I ran an agency many moons ago and was the youngest (then) to be granted and employment agency licence.

I am pretty sure that you would need to be licenced even now 20yrs on-and probably is more complicated than it was then.

nannynick Sun 09-Nov-08 15:54:53

Licensing ended in 1995. So no need to register, but you should read all the relevant legislation to make sure you comply.

BabyTalk13 Sun 09-Nov-08 16:20:55

Thank you.

Nannynick.... Yes I am looking for a nanny jobs myself as at present we are still looking into setting this up, we understand that there might be a slight fall on this due to the problems today but are not finding through people I have spoken to that this would be a problem. Im looking to go back to work very soon whilst sorting this either on my days off or in the evening with my partner. It wont be up and running for awhile as yet so still need a nannying job

pickupthismess Mon 17-Nov-08 19:43:05

BT13 if you need help with a website let me know,my sis designs websites for a living very very reasonably as a side line to working on really big ones (BBC and the likes). Also, you can get templates off the web where you can design them yourself.

BabyTalk13 Mon 17-Nov-08 22:34:48

Oh yeh thats very helpful thank you. I will consider it. Iv got all the website designed and templated out so that will def be an option

VipHouseholds Mon 02-Jan-17 16:41:52

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