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Would any lovely person providing consultancy services on a retained or ongoing basis...

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flowerybeanbag Tue 23-Sep-08 10:53:28 to share their SLA or other contract with me?

Would be hugely appreciated, just to get an idea of what I need to include.

<<adds email address hopefully>>

flowery dot beanbag at ntlworld dot com

flowerybeanbag Wed 24-Sep-08 10:07:05

oh pretty please

ditheringdora Wed 24-Sep-08 12:31:34

Flowery am outraged that no one has posted here after all the help you've given us! blush. If I knew diddly about what you are lookin for, I'd help.
C'mon people !smile

flowerybeanbag Wed 24-Sep-08 14:10:53

thanks dora! grin

CountessDracula Wed 24-Sep-08 14:12:35

Are you looking for a contract that will get you out of IR35?

flowerybeanbag Wed 24-Sep-08 14:17:20

No not specifically CD.

We are having a meeting with a couple of accountants next week to discuss the best and most tax efficient way of managing our income, although from reading what I just googled blushgrin about IR35 not sure that will be an issue anyway.

I just need to draft a basic standard SLA which I can then change according to whatever work I am doing with clients and borrowing someone else's to give me a starting point would be helpful and give me an idea what I need to include that I might otherwise overlook.

MrVibrating Wed 24-Sep-08 19:18:56

I agree flowery, you are by far the most consistently helpful poster I have seen on Mumsnet and your and ability to communicate accurate answers to HR problems is second to none in my experience. If anyone deserves help when you need it, you do!

Doesn't the CIPD do something suitable? Perhaps not as I suppose freelance HR consultants are not that common. Have you tried the Institute of Business Consulting, or the Chartered Management Institue?

I am an accountant and taking a look at a template for an engagement letter for accounting services, I don't think it will adapt very well so I am not sure that is a good start point.

How about googling for something relevent and adapting the text to suit yourself? A blatant abuse of intellectual property rights, but if you make enough changes you can call it your own and noone will ever know.

If I knew a bit more about exactly what services you want to provide and on what terms (per hour, per day, monthly retainer, per task etc,) I would do it for you.

flowerybeanbag Thu 25-Sep-08 08:44:54

MrVibrating how lovely of you!

I couldn't ask you to do it for me although that's incredibly generous.

It will be contracts for annual retainer service plus something for specific tasks/projects, I'm still a bit hazy about exact details. I'm (obviously! grin) happy drafting contract documents but it's more a case of needing to have a read of some to make sure I have everything I need to cover and haven't missed anything so I can cobble something basic together that can be adapted as necessary. Always nice not to have to start completely from scratch!

That google search is very helpful, will certainly be using some of those. My husband is a lawyer so he will be on the case with reviewing it and no doubt getting me to tighten up on a few things.

Thanks again for help and lovely comments

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