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Printing logo tshirts

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mynameisluka Sun 14-Sep-08 20:12:41

Does anyone have any advice for having some tshirts printed with my logo on?
Completely open question I know!
Interested in recommended printing company,brand/quality of tshirt to go for, type of printing and any other obvious things to think about!
They are for myself as class teacher and children in my activity classes to buy if they wish.

WhatFabNewNails Sun 14-Sep-08 20:48:32

We used an online company and they were quite good. You designed your t-shirt using their software, picked sizes, colours etc then they were sent within a few days from the company based in Germany. No minimum ordered quantity either. We had a quality problem with one and it was replaced with no quibble.
We ordered ours about a year ago, they are still going strong. Quality is great and they are safe to tumble dry inside out. Think they worked out about £15 each.
have checked back through the emails but can't find the name of company though. Sorry.
I've also in past used a local sportswearn shop - I provided a photo for them to use. This was more expensive and I wasn't too impressed with the quality.

mynameisluka Tue 16-Sep-08 13:37:41

Thanks! Fab new nails by the way! smile

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