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Dont Laugh - but I have written a childrens book and now dont know what to do..........

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lavenderbongo Mon 08-Sep-08 09:32:04

Ok I have written a couple of short stories aimed at under 5s and I would love to get them published but I am unsure how to go about it.
The stories ideally need to be illustrated but I am no good at drawing so I am hoping that a publishers could do this for me.

Has anyone had anything published and could recommend how to go about it or give me any advice.


MaryAnnSingleton Mon 08-Sep-08 09:39:02

yes, I've had a book or two published but have approached it from the illustration way (I am an illustrator and had previously illustrated books and kind of edged my way in that way !)
Best thing to do is to find an agent as mansuscripts sent directly to publishers tend to languish among the piles and piles submitted. Look inThe Writer's Handbook or The Writer's and Artist's Yearbook under Agents and pick ones which represent the kind of writing you are doing - they usually list the kind of books they are interested in. Hope it works out for you - it's not easy but you never know !

lavenderbongo Mon 08-Sep-08 09:53:36

Thanks Mary - my reasoning is if you dont try it will never happen - so i am ready for lots of rejection.
I will try to find the writters handbook.

MaryAnnSingleton Mon 08-Sep-08 11:06:33

should be in library ! Out of interest, what kind of story is it..picture book type thing or more text based ? animals ? children ? - just curious /nosy

jaz236 Tue 14-Oct-08 20:22:34

Mary how did you get into illustrating books>

lucykate Tue 14-Oct-08 20:41:52

the writers yearbook has a website, here

i'd also recommend listening to this podcast if you can, scroll down the list, look for the one called 'how to negotiate a better book deal', it's about half way down the list, lots of advice there.

Dottoressa Tue 14-Oct-08 20:44:02

The Children's Writers' and Artists' Yearbook is very helpful!

lucykate Tue 14-Oct-08 20:46:34

mary is right though, many publishers will not accept unsolicited manuscripts, you may need to get an agent first.

MorticiaAnnSpookington Tue 14-Oct-08 20:47:49

jaz - I went to art school and studied graphic design but specialised in illustration and then afterwards started illustrating for magazines,some advertising and then children's books - have been at it for years now with moderate success !

lucykate Tue 14-Oct-08 20:53:28

mary, my dh did illustration too, but now sticks with portrait painting

jaz236 Thu 16-Oct-08 17:54:52

I went to art school, then went on to study fashion, after graduating ive done a number of art exhibitions - always wanted to do freelance illustation - but they way its gone im doing commissions instead for peeps!

chelseamorning Wed 22-Oct-08 13:39:04

What about self-publishing and self-marketing? It's not as daunting as it sounds.

Check out, for example. They offer some very attractive packages and it seems a very straightforward process.

Also with regards to self-marketing, there are lots of blogs, childrens' websites you can advertise on, and there's always Amazon where you can write your own reviews and get friends etc to also write one.

An exciting project, lavenderbongo!!! Good luck with it!

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