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Website for jewellery business - is Mr Site any good?

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ilovecake Mon 25-Aug-08 19:33:28

Am currently running a small scale jewellery business from home selling through one shop and through home parties. I would like to try setting up a web site to increase opportunities for selling (possibly) and have heard some good reviews of Mr Site as a package. I have some experience of setting up a website before but with simple programme. Anyone else done such a thing and would appreciate any thoughts / comments on wether i should bother? Have posted in other subjects too to try and catch all relevant peeps.

ilovecake Mon 25-Aug-08 21:33:34

Anyone there? Okay so not the most thrilling of subjects but has anyone in similar position?

BetteDavisEyes Mon 25-Aug-08 21:58:26

Hi there
I had a Mr Site site but only for showing off my work, (I'm a journo) don't know what it's like for selling stuff.
It was okay, and fairly easy to use for what I needed it for.
Sorry not to be more help.

ilovecake Mon 25-Aug-08 22:28:25

Thanks anyway

tigerbump Tue 26-Aug-08 21:25:41

I don't think Mr Site is any good for you.
Take a look at Google Checkout as i think they offer some basic shop solutions. You might also want to try an off the shelf solution something like there are loads out there.

lucykate Tue 26-Aug-08 21:33:03

i know quite a few online small businesses who use a mr site setup, and they find it works for them. as with any online presence, it's important to get the 'metatags' side of it right so you come up in google searches.

i'm pretty sure mr site, or there is mr site pro available now, comes with a secure shopping cart, paypal etc. the main downside is that it seems to be quite limited in its appearance. you can personalise it but only within the original template constraints. but still, it's only about £30, so wouldn't be very expensive to give a go. otherwise you could try already set up 'market' style sites, like etsy, folksy, big cartel, dwanda.

ilovecake Wed 27-Aug-08 11:33:27

Yes LucyKate some feedback i've read suggests mr site bit inflexible in terms of design - which worries me. I obviously want site to reflect creativity of my designs.

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