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calling anyone who knows what they are on about :o)

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surprisenumber3 Sun 17-Aug-08 12:41:48

Have just found out I'm pg....totally shocked and can't get my head around it, already have enough kids, but am trying to think practically now!

So...left work last year as couldn't cope with all the juggling childcare and have been working from home, literally earning about £270-£320 a month. I also get carers allowance, which I know it taxable, but still, added all up it's under the taxable rate. Anyway, I called up self employed tax people who said I wasn't self employed because I still have people telling me what I need to do and that basically I am employed by them, I just don't have a contract and am responsible for my own tax, NI. They said all I need to do is keep a record of what I earn as I am below tax bracket and don't have to pay any extra NI as I receive child benefit. Does this make sense so far??!!

Anyway, now I'm pregnant, I won't get anything while I'm off will I? I wouldn't really need long off if everything goes okay as I only sit at a computer. But still, if I had paid extra NI contributions would I have got maternity allowance? Is it worth starting now? I'm only about 5 weeks pg.

Please please please please help!!!

Eddas Sun 17-Aug-08 20:54:28

i'm not an NI expert, but I believe when you have children you get 'free years' NI contributions, so technically don't need to pay in.

I hope i'm not way off, but i'm sure thats how it works.

here's a link detailing more about MA

here's something on 'gaps' in NI contributions it's to do with the following paragraph from the above link

'Note that the number of qualifying years you need for a full basic State Pension can be reduced if you get Home Responsibilities Protection (HRP) for years when you have not worked or your earnings were too low to get a qualifying year and you had caring responsibilities.'

i'm sure that's helpedhmmgrin

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