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running gym/ play sessions for babies and toddlers?

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jollydo Fri 08-Aug-08 12:42:17

Hi, I was wondering whether this was a feasable idea. Franchises need the financial outlay, but could someone just set up by themselves? Has anyone here done it? How would you go about starting? I don't have a specific qualification for babies/toddlers but am a qualified teacher. Does anyone know about insurance etc. for such things?
Thanks for reading all these questions....

theartfulsplodger Wed 13-Aug-08 13:40:08

Yes I think it could be.
I have set up arts classes for pre-schoolers without a franchise. It doesn't need as much financial outlay but it may involve more time and effort in getting set up. With a franchise you do get the name (but that's not always great) however I do find that independents are able to change their classes to suit themselves and the children/parents who attend.

To start with, have a look at see what's out there gym wise nationally. I would also recommend looking at what else is offered in you area with other classes, you'll get ideas from all sorts of classes. Would you be teaching the children skills, letting them go about the equipment by themselves or somwhere inbetween? dare I say it Netmums is a very useful website for seeing what kind of things are on, look in surrounding areas too.

You need to think in this case about your equipment as I imagine this will be a big outlay. Have a look at Educational catalogues to see what might be available and involved.

Also start looking for premises- I imagine you will need substantial storage too. You may need a CRB check, and you can get specialist insurance from places like the pre school learnign alliance and mortonmichael. If you know of any groups or playgroups ask them where they get their insurance from.

Don't forget about costs like marketing and advertising, and other running costs like photocopying/stamps etc. It will take a while to build up a reputation and you may mot find you can pay yourself anything for a while.

jollydo Wed 13-Aug-08 18:37:35

Thanks theartfulsplodger (like the name btw). There's some good things to think about there. I don't think there's much nearby, as the local leisure centre classes have just stopped as the teacher has left, but I should double check.

I wondered if local day nurseries would be interested in me going in to do a session, do you (or anyone else...) know whether many nurseries have visiting classes?

Art is another area I'd wondered about - again I don't have a specialist qualification but did a lot of art type activities in my teaching career. Are yours popular?

theartfulsplodger Wed 13-Aug-08 20:20:42

I don't know about Nurseries having sessions- there are some music groups I know of that have regular sessions in Nurseries and playgroups. I guess that they would be more wanting to have a gym teacher or someone with a bit more experience for it to be any different that what they could do internally.

I like to think our classes are popular wink, we have covered our costs and a bit extra. However, the profit margins are not as big as you'd think unless you could do it 4-5 days a week in several loactions and perhaps do parties/weekend stuff too. These type of classes also have quite a bit of consumable expenditure every week.

BTW I was a teacher and do think that helps a little with regards to the planning etc but what a class really needs is an enthusatic, imaginative person who likes kids and can cmile cheerfully when everyone else is making a right old mess around them to clear up!

There is also a business section on netmums and a few threads that give more detail about classes.

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