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te7037 Tue 13-Feb-18 21:53:42

I was approached by a company with an offer of a 13-month contract role with a daily rate of £300 for umbrella company or £235 under PAYE.

I wish to know the actual salary (including holiday pays) of permanent roles that offer the same rates for umbrella companies and PAYEs.

Anyone can help?

KadabrasSpoon Wed 14-Feb-18 17:51:56

You can't really compare a contract rate with a permanent salary easily. Because as a freelancer you are responsible for your own insurance, tax, accounts, holiday / sick pay etc.

te7037 Wed 14-Feb-18 22:56:08

Thanks, but any rough idea will do. I have been cheated once so I wish to avoid a similar issue again.

KadabrasSpoon Wed 14-Feb-18 23:26:22

How do you mean cheated?

bialystockandbloom Wed 14-Feb-18 23:33:44

Doesn't this depend on what business you're in? confused Eg a self-employed consultant lawyer would have a different rate ph or pd than, say, a proofreader. Not quite sure what you're asking? I do freelance work and charge according to my level of experience and expertise, comparable with my field.

extinctspecies Mon 19-Feb-18 18:44:29

Surely it depends how much holiday you would be entitled to under the PAYE contract?

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