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Lesson Learnt: Make Sure Backup the Smartphone

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kiddnetu Mon 18-Dec-17 01:33:58

I have an Samsung Galaxy S7 and have a lot of client contacts on it. Now the screen is dead and all data on the phone can't be accessed. I need to take it repair shot and get it fixed.

So it is highly recommended backing up the phone regularly to avoid future loss.

Lamoker Thu 21-Dec-17 02:12:44

you're right! we have to regularly back up our phone's data in case of the data to be deleted. There are many backup app out there.

I'm always using Easy Backup & Restore, which is a free app for the Android which helps to back up your Android contents including SMS, MMS, call logs, calendar events, contacts and etc. Then you can easily restore it for your convenience. Backed-up files will be in a zip archive format and you can read it on your computer or device easily.

PutAnOwlOnIt Thu 21-Dec-17 02:28:54

Sounds like a pain, OP. Out of interest, have you checked your Google account from another device? The contacts should be there - that's why I love Android. Google keeps all my info and I can use it on any of my devices.

kiddnetu Thu 21-Dec-17 12:21:49

Unfortunately, Google service is not reliable in here. That makes the tragedy happens, lol

Userplusnumbers Thu 21-Dec-17 13:00:19

Did you register with Samsung? I've had Samsung for years and they free generally come with their own back up and restore account too. You have to be really determined to switch it off tbh.

Lamoker Fri 22-Dec-17 02:38:58

Giving Google permission to back up your stuff will vary slightly from phone to phone. In general, you’ll want to go to Settings > Backup & reset then tap Backup my data and Automatic restore. That will cover the following:

Google Calendar settings
Wi-Fi networks & passwords
Home screen wallpapers
Gmail settings
Apps installed through Google Play (backed up on the Play Store app)
Display settings (Brightness & Sleep)
Language & Input settings
Date & Time
Third-party app settings & data (varies by app)

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