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Hilly1990 Thu 30-Nov-17 04:57:13

Hi I am looking for any life coaches out there for some friendly advice.

I am currently on maternity leave and being made redundant (all legally unfortunately). My previous work has always been office/accounts based, but this is not something I enjoy, Its just something I "fell into" after uni, my passion is psychology. Rather than panic and spend all my energy trying to find an office/accounts job that accomodates my childcare needs I thought I would take the plunge and train as a life coach. This would be a sink or swim challenge of which I would have to use savings/potentially get a loan. I would like to know realistically what I can expect from it, how hard is it to gain clientelle? Will I need a part time job on the side? Also does anyone have any advice on which training course to take? What qualifications should I be aiming for? I am in Huddersfield so something communtable is necessary.

Thanks Emily

BelleoftheBalls Sun 10-Dec-17 12:22:52

I've been a coach for over 10 years but never as my sole source of income. My clients have ranged from 6 a week ( 6 hours) to 2 hours a month. The thing with life coaching is it's mainly short term (unlike counselling) so most clients are with you for maybe 3 months . I do have very long term clients too but they only see me now and then. The average 'sensible fee' is around £100 an hour but some coaches peg their fees to counselling which my Association says it wrong as it's completely different.

You have to accept it's running a business. You need marketing skills, office skills (most of us have our own websites) you need to register as s/e and submit annual accounts, etc. You also need to pay out for insurance and subs for professional bodies you might belong to.

Also, although it's not vital, many coaches have worked in similar professions which give a bit of kudos. I was in education incl higher ed for decades so involved in career decisions with students.

Training- contact the ICF or the Association for Coaching for advice.

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