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Looking to Sell Handmade Soap

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joell75 Tue 20-Jun-17 16:11:50

I was quite taken with the idea of starting a business manufacturing and selling soap. Having looked into it, Ive found that its just not going to be possible for me to make my own just now...I dont have the space! However Ive found several companies that sell their own handmade soap wholesale, with a view to people selling it on. I wondered if anyone had any experience of doing this; in particular, how you work within the H&S legislation around labelling. Thanks!

stuntcamel Sun 25-Jun-17 22:40:49

I had a friend who did this a year or two ago - bought in ready-made handmade soaps and all the paraphernalia to go with it and had a stall at craft fairs etc. Hardly any profit - they found the market is pretty saturated to be honest, and they don't do it any more.

The companies selling their product wholesale will be the ones making the money really.

joell75 Mon 26-Jun-17 09:30:23

Bugger. Its what I expected though, to be honest. Thanks so much.

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