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JSA or something?

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londonloves Tue 30-May-17 16:21:58

Hi, hoping someone can help me as I'm finding the .gov website really difficult to navigate.
I'm 23 weeks pregnant and self employed, have been working on interim management contracts in the NHS. My latest contract has just finished early, unexpectedly - I had been hoping to stay there til end of July then have two months off leading up to due date (which I would have saved enough to finance by working those extra two months).
But now I've been laid off unexpectedly and I doubt I will get another contract for only three months. If I can't find other temp work, can I claim JSA or something until I get my maternity allowance?
Am feeling extremely twitchy about money now as had planned to be working in a fairly well paid role for another two months!
Any advice much appreciated.

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