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Been offerred freelance fundraising work - no idea how to handle or what to charge!

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Teaandsymphony Mon 29-May-17 13:45:38

I could have just reposted a previous post (by Jamtastic) on this subject as I'm in exactly the same boat but it is 10 years old so worth revisiting anew.

I live in London and work in fundraising. I've been contacted regarding a potential freelance opportunity making trusts and potentially statutory applications. I've got lots of experience in this area but am currently taking a career break to look after my children. I would be up for freelancing from home though but am unsure what to charge and more importantly I'd really appreciate some tips on how to handle this conversation. Could anyone help?



Teaandsymphony Mon 29-May-17 14:15:52

To clarify, the offer is from a London-based charity...

minnymoobear Thu 01-Jun-17 05:31:07

At the very least work out a day rate based on a FT salary for the work you do...and add a bit to it so they have room to negotiate

Good luck!

SummerKelly Sat 03-Jun-17 09:50:40

The going rate where I am (not London) for this sort of thing is around £350 / day. I tend to do larger applications and bids though. How many days depends obviously on the application form detail but also how much work they've already done, e.g. are you doing to have to help with collecting evidence or is it a well thought through project ready to go? You can probably only get an idea of this through talking to them. I've done a Reaching Communities first stage recently with one org in three days because I knew them and they were well planned, and another in five because there was more prep work to do.

Teaandsymphony Sun 04-Jun-17 09:29:22

Hi minnymoobear and summerkelly. Thanks so much for your replies. Summerkelly especially; great advice thanks. I'm not sure about the evidence collation side of things yet but I have a meeting lined up for this week so will make sure to ask. The rate you quoted is so useful; I've said £300 a day for this because it's my first time and should only be short term. I know it's probably difficult to subsequently increase my rates (can I ask - do you think this would be the case??) but as it's my first freelance venture I thought I'd start conservatively.

Thanks again! And fingers crossed...

SummerKelly Sun 04-Jun-17 13:47:49

I think it might be difficult to raise your rates immediately with the organisation you're working with, but you can with other organisations. It's tricky sometimes just to have the confidence to do it, I don't always! I tend to have a sliding scale for smaller and larger and national charities. I also did some cheaper work for one as it's just down the road so minimal travel. Or just price it for the job overall without giving the daily rate perhaps is better (though in reality charities often want to see some justification!)

The other big issue though I guess for me is managing expectations - I think sometimes charities are surprised by the amount of work that they actually have to do themselves because they haven't done the thinking and background research necessary. I've learned to weed out the ones that are vague because it's too stressful working with them!

Good luck!

Teaandsymphony Mon 05-Jun-17 18:29:52

Hi, thanks so much SummerKelly. Really appreciate your excellent advice!!

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