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Training as a coach

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MaybeDoctor Fri 19-May-17 10:25:09

I am considering undertaking some form of training to become a coach.

The fields I am particularly interested in are life coaching and career coaching, with a particular view to supporting people in transition between different phases of life. My area has a lot of well-to-do SAHM and a lot of well-to-do retirees/near retirees, so the potential market seems good. I could also potentially use my own home to work in, although I am aware that there could be pros/cons to doing so.

I work part-time, have a professional qualification and some freelance projects on the go, so I have quite a few strings to my bow already. I already know that this won't equate to a fulltime wage, but I am interested in developing a practice that could provide me with work in the latter part of my life (I am in my early 40s).

Does anyone have any views on the best pathway to follow?
I have looked at a lot of profiles on LinkedIn and researched online. Names that seem to come up include:

Birkbeck – PG certificate in coaching
Newcastle college Online Level 2 and 3 courses
City university – Coaching for business short course
CPCAB courses
UEL Courses in applied psychology and career coaching
The Performance Coach Introductory and practitioner level courses.

I am aware that no qualification is needed, so one option might be to take an introductory course, see if there is a market out there, then take further training as needed.

Any views or suggestions welcome. Thanks.

Idoliketobebesidetheseaside Fri 19-May-17 16:13:19

Hi, I'm a coach and highly recommend it as a career! I think your idea of doing just an introductory course and seeing if there's a market is a good one. I'm fully qualified as an accredited coach, but the only one of my clients who's ever asked me about my qualifications turned out to be doing so because she's interested in training as a coach herself. So, obviously the training is useful but if you have an aptitude for coaching then getting a particular qualification isn't the most important thing to focus on. The tricky thing for coaches is usually more the 'business' side of things - working out how to find a steady flow of clients, how much to charge etc. and the courses don't usually help with that element. Hope this helps - I'm happy to have a bit more of a chat if you want to pm me...

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