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New business-lease/rent outlay costs

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Ferrisday Mon 17-Apr-17 16:59:05

Not sure if this is the right area
Looking to set up a coffee shop.
Landlord is quite happy for change of business, but obviously outlay for kitchen/fittings/equipment is ours.

Need help with how the lease/rent works cos I really don't know.
You buy the lease or pay rent?

SheldonsSpot Mon 17-Apr-17 17:09:58

Lease and rent are basically the same thing aren't they? You'll sign a contract in which you agree to rent the property for a set term.

If you're completely kitting a place out at cost to you, then you might want a long lease, say 2/3 years, but then you take the risk that if the business doesn't work out you're still tied into the lease.

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