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Help! My laptop is painfully slow!

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NooNooMummy Fri 24-Mar-17 09:53:29

It's full of documents. I check my email on it too. I bought it new about 6 years ago. And now it is PAINFULLY slow. Is it time for a new laptop? (One client commented "That is a HORRIBLE laptop..."!) Or is there something I can do to speed up/ fix this one?

tigerrun Fri 24-Mar-17 10:00:38

Just replacing mine after 3 years - according to Currys helpful teen salesperson (who I appreciate may have a skewed opinion!) that is about as long as you can expect a PC to perform adequately for these days - longer for Macs.

Particularly hacked off about it as I spent £120 last year replacing a screen and £60 getting it fixed when the keyboard stopped working. Could more or less have bought a new one for that money! I am however planning on wiping it - then using it for client visits or when I'm working onsite but using my fancy all-in-one for working from home, all efficient and fast must step away from mumsnet, should be may not just be the computer that is slow and slightly inadequate!

I'm awaiting delivery and looking forward to getting back all the hours I must cumulatively spend looking at a swirly wheel/waiting for a page to load! Now need to go and do some work to justify the purchase..

NooNooMummy Fri 24-Mar-17 11:19:21

Thanks. It does seem that they have a limited life. I expect a good ten years tho'! 🙄

tigerrun Fri 24-Mar-17 11:57:25

It is really disappointing - back in the day (I used to be in IT in the 90's) our servers weren't as powerful as a low end iPhone is now but they bloody lasted. I also spoke to a friend whose work laptop just died after 16 years (so they really don't make them how they used to, how on earth she was doing anything useful on it I have no idea!). But I am hoping having just shelled out £600 that this new PC will last, fingers crossed!

As an aside though - the computer guy I used (small business kind of lovely geek, very nice and helpful) did speed things up for a while by clearing stuff - no idea what 'stuff' that was slowing it down, so might be worth finding one of them if you want to try and put off the inevitable!!

NooNooMummy Fri 24-Mar-17 20:41:51

I might try just deleting some stuff. There's 'defragging' too - whatever that is - which someone told me I should do regularly. I'll report back if any of this works...

Any expert geeks out there who can advise?

ratspeaker Tue 28-Mar-17 10:41:31

Have you tried deleting cookies?

Also running a programme like cc cleaner can help.

And defragging which is basically tidying up

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