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Dict8 accents

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Hosepose Thu 23-Mar-17 10:01:47

Does anyone else have difficulty with this? I hate leaving the Alt N messages.

Shazzrajay19 Fri 31-Mar-17 18:08:24

Yes - some of the accents are so hard to understand, or the recording is muffled. I know what you mean. Its soooo frustrating!

Massicana22 Thu 13-Apr-17 18:14:01

I am one of the Dict8 transcribers and totally agree with your views about how difficult it is to understand some of the accents. I have many years of experience in medical work and do struggle quite a bit sometimes when typing some of the reports (with the aggravation of knowing that soon after submitting the transcription I will soon receive the dreaded "I hope you are well letter" from Dict8 which I must say, when I initially started working for them it actually broke my confidence a bit.

I do wonder sometimes whether the doctors who dictate the reports actually know that the transcribers have no other means of checking or double checking the foreign and unclear names they dictate?? If not, does Dict8 actually have some guidelines for these doctors on how they should dictate these letters/reports? In some cases you can actually tell that the dictation is not bad but the person dictating is using a bad dictation machine whereby the transcriptionist can actually hear all the background noise that goes around on the other end. Sometimes I wonder if Dict8 knows how the transcriptionists feel about working for them (or could it be the case that they don't really care?) Has anyone been with Dict8 long enough to know the answer to this or have been contacted by Dict8 trying to find out how the transcriptionists feel?

In all this there are a couple of things I like about Dict8. I like the fact that we can work the hours we want, I like the fact that we can choose the hours we want to work. I like the fact that we can choose what we want to type. These are the 3 big +++ for Dict8 in my view.

In an ideal world we would all like to receive clear dictation (accents are not really a problem so long as the person on the other side is sending clear words - I'm sure we all agree with this) .... if this was the case we wouldn't need to use the "Alt N".

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