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kidsinamerica73 Sat 18-Mar-17 02:45:41

I posted this on another thread, (v old thread) I thought maybe people might not read to the bottom, so starting afresh!
I'm a new NYRO (Neal's Yard Remedies Organic) consultant, loving it and am doing it alongside my day job. I have small children and disabilities but want to find a way out of my day job as it doesn't fit in with my domestic setup anymore.
I am puzzled over a few things tho, I receive partial housing benefit and tax credits. I'm not sure how the NY job fits in with benefits etc, very 'bitty' work, I am not making any profit as money goes into all the bits I need for selling, admin tools, stock, samples etc
Does anybody know if/how I declare it to benefit agencies as it's different every week? Also should I register as self employed?

INeedNewShoes Sat 18-Mar-17 02:58:29

I don't know about benefits but my hunch is that you need to phone the tax credits office and ask them (its always better to be upfront than find them asking you to pay back overpayments - you might make more money than you think you're going to).

You should register as self-employed with HMRC. It won't cost you anything if you earn under the threshold but its better for everything to be done by the book.

Keep a very simple record (in an Excel type spreadsheet or just a notebook) of any money that you get from selling and any money that you have to spend on stock etc. and keep receipts for these expenses.

Hoppinggreen Sat 18-Mar-17 09:37:10

You are self employed and guy do need to declare it.
Not making a profit means you don't have to pay tax but you do need to register

kidsinamerica73 Mon 20-Mar-17 19:44:16

Brilliant thanks both for your guidance smile

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