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When did you decide to hand in your notice and start freelancing?

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HeyJudy Wed 15-Feb-17 18:06:26

I've just returned to my marketing job after my second maternity leave and have decided that at some point I would like to change careers and freelance. In order to get started in my new career I would need to train and possibly start doing some work for free to build up my portfolio.

If anyone has done something similar, at what point did you hand in your notice? Did you train first and build up some work in your new career before leaving? We can live on DH's income so I don't need to start earning immediately, but I only work part time at the moment so technically have time do some online training courses and work in the evenings to build up at portfolio.

I'm really ready to leave my job, but at the same time it seems very daunting to leave before I've properly started on the next one!

Grannyapple Thu 16-Feb-17 22:17:45

Hey..I've only started freelancing since November, but I took VR after mat leave with my 3rd, & had a year off. In that time I did some refresher courses, mostly at night when the kids were in bed, over 10 wks (I'm an accountant but now doing bookkeeping on a freelance basis). Got my practice licence, insurance etc a few weeks after that. I've been lucky enough to gain 2 regular clients through an old boss I had.

I'm liking the flexibility at the mo though is still a struggle as it is for everyone trying to get back for school runs etc.. but liking it so far.. good luck in your decision!

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