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Anyone on here a Pilates or Yoga teacher?

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theguiltymother1 Wed 18-Jan-17 11:53:13

I am contemplating training as one....

Currently I do something totally different (business related) and freelance but I am finding it almost impossible to find flexible, freelance work in what I do. All the jobs at the level I am at are full time or minimum 4 days a week which doesn't work well with a DH who does long ish hours and two young DCs. It's also a v stressful job.

I am wondering if anyone has trained as a pilates instructor and if so what setting up your business looked like in terms of running classes / finding places to teach? I know there are classes in my area but no one is offering anything ante-natal based or aqua-natal which is the area I was thinking of focussing on.

I would not be looking to make lots of money from this, but I suppose once qualified and set up I would be hoping to make approx £250 a week working either during school hours or in the evening (I have childcare then). Is this a reasonable expectation? I live in a reasonably wealthy area in the North West.

I am pretty fit, flexible and healthy. Have been doing pilates and yoga myself on and off for 15 years so I have the interest there. I had initially thought of training to be a yoga teacher but realise the course is much longer and also much more expensive and had thought Pilates might be a better option to start with but I suppose lots of people might think this so there may be more competition!

Has anyone done this and if so have you got any advice?

gigi556 Thu 08-Feb-18 16:14:07

@theguiltymother1 did you ever get anywhere with this? I'm curious as I'm considering my options for a career change as well!

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