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Don't join Just For Tiny People (JFTP)

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loveandsmiles Wed 04-Jan-17 16:38:23

Speaking from experience ~ please do not join this company ~ save your money.
I loved the products and was so excited to buy a Business in a Box ~ allowing me to Market and sell JFTP products. I worked so hard to make this work ~ 4 months later I have left and lost most of my money.
The owner lacks any management or people skills and the customer service is beyond awful. Should you say anything you are threatened with having your contract terminated and all negative comments are erased from their website / Facebook.
If this stops just one person my negative experience will be worth it.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Wed 04-Jan-17 19:52:40

The business owner has just buried themselves on your thread in AIBU. I think that serves as warning enough!

YouOKHun Mon 23-Jan-17 15:14:58

BIAB and JFTP will have a presence at the Mums Enterprise Roadshow event in Brighton in February along with some dodgy MLMs like Arbonne and Slimroast Coffee. It pisses me right off that this event specifically aimed at mothers looking to enhance their earnings or return to work are going to get sold down the river by these sharks and quite possible end up in a very much worse financial, Social and emotional position. I want legislation that forces MLM and similar (JFTP) to have to openly disclose the numbers of people passing through their hands and the average earnings - pyramid with products schemes have been allowed to operate secretively for too long.

EssentialHummus Mon 23-Jan-17 15:21:27

Agreed. Frankly, any company which responds to negative publicity by threatening libel action isn't one which deserves your money.

GaryNumanIsOlderThanGaryOldman Wed 16-Aug-17 17:34:24

^ indeed.

cwtchmum Sat 02-Sep-17 08:44:42

I joined up to ABIAB in sept 2017. I paid my £500 and was invited into the business fairy group. I loved the products (because they are amazing) and ordered my daughter a teepee for her upcoming birthday (November) along with some other bits. My teepee was sent to Scotland when I live in South Wales. There was no apology from Effie, and I was subsequently booted from the group and my business was cancelled. I was told it was due to my attitude in the group when I'd only ever been incredibly positive and supportive and was so excited about joining. Truth was, they had NO intention of deivering the teepee that I had paid for and were doing damage limitation.

This is a shocking business. How any business is allowed to run this way is totally beyond me.....

Suzanne1205 Mon 04-Jun-18 00:15:56

Effie Moss is back in business !!!!

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