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URGENT - Ideas to drum up business quick!

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rememberthetime Wed 19-Oct-16 17:44:00

I am a self employed copywriter and after moving house, being sick for a week and losing a major client I am struggling to make ends meet this month. I need some quick jobs to land in my lap over the next few days.

So far I have applied for everything relevant on PPH and contacted all of my current clients to offer a quick turnaround for a cheaper price. A couple of small things have come through - but now I am at a loss.

I have been here before and somehow I managed but this time the stakes are higher as I have separated from my husband and have to pay everything on my own and there is no backup.

What should i do now to get at least a couple of full days work for next week?

Does anyone here need a cheap as chips copywriter who is somewhat desperate smile

golddustsparkler Mon 24-Oct-16 23:08:40

have you tried bark.com? It allows potential clients to put a shout out for a particular service, Bark will email you, then you can contact them if you're interested. I think the first few responses are free, then you have to buy credits. I've gotten a few regular clients out of it....also you can change your area to include nationwide areas or larger than just your local area if you want to be included in more request emails...

JustWriteforYou Tue 25-Oct-16 23:32:52

Hey - I'm a fellow copywriter and feel your pain! This may sound counter-intuitive but don't sell yourself short! Offering cheaper rates may lead to an expectation that you'll always work for less - plus could even give clients the impression that that's all your worth.
Have you ever looked at the ProBlogger job site - that has some pretty decent stuff on there sometimes - problogger.com/jobs/

Sending you big hugs - if you ever feel like connecting with a fellow copywriter for mutual support then do drop me a line (colette@justwriteforyou.co.uk) x

notagiraffe Tue 25-Oct-16 23:37:06

Have you moved to a new area? If so, I'd email all local businesses introducing yourself and offering your services. I was amazed how many small businesses struggle with copy and are grateful for someone to come in and sort out the content on their website/help word reports etc. If you do that sort of thing. Do you have an area of specialism?

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