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Anyone worked for 'Tailster' dog walking/petsitting ?

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Colette Tue 30-Aug-16 16:48:04

I'm looking at registering as I am love dogs and really need to bring in some extra £.

The website looks very slick, walks are logged etc.
I need to download a photo of myself and for some odd reason this made me more wary .... So just wondered if anyone could give me feedback on working for them ?


Colette Mon 05-Sep-16 16:41:28


Hadeda Fri 09-Sep-16 21:53:17

I'm not a dog walker but we found our dog walker through it. I think the photo was not much more than a Facebook or LinkedIn profile photo. I did check his website, and obviously also met him before we went ahead, but wasn't interested in stalking him via his photo! Just wanted someone who seemed reliable, sensible and a dog lover to take my lovely woof for a walk.

Colette Sat 24-Sep-16 17:00:42

Thanks Hadeda , still mulling it over ( procrastinating) that info is helpful. Glad it worked out well for you

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