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Need new laptop and printer - what do you use?

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KanyesVest Mon 29-Aug-16 22:36:57

I use it mainly for word, exel, powerpoint, and internet research MN. I have office 365. Ideally it should be light, as I work from home a lot but I need to be able to lug it with me. I've had a workhorse of an Asus for the last 6 years which has been great, but it's getting slow and the battery (despite having recently bought a new one) is crap. I was looking at a HP Pavillion tablet/laptop hybrid which is a bit fancy shmancy, or I could go for a basic and functional Asus again. As it will be my main work station, I need the 15 inch screen, but anything bigger tends to be too cumbersome to cart around with me.

And once I've decided on a laptop, I need a printer. Mine is about 10 years old and has given up the will to connect since I was forced to upgraded to windows 10. Any suggestions there would be great, I'm utterly clueless. I have very limited printing requirements and can go to client offices for large jobs.

Any suggestions or advice on above would be greatly appreciated!

MrsMargoLeadbetter Tue 30-Aug-16 08:58:17

I have had Toshiba Satelites prior to my new HP Pavillion. I wish I'd stuck with a Toshiba, my old one seemed quicker.

Stores generally tell you the weight. I have always opted for a normal laptop as opposed to the 'book' type that came out a few years ago.

I have a HP printer. Went for a c£350 one. Don't know the model as away - helpful!

The ink is £££ but it lasts. I wanted quick and colour printing.

I bought both on sites using Quidco cashback. One was ebuyer I think.

misscph1973 Tue 30-Aug-16 09:09:55

I have a very basic Acer laptop, 3 years now, it cost about £400 on Amazon. I am very happy with it, but obviously it's not a fancy Mac. I suggest you get the best specs you can afford. I would go on to Amazon and buy a well reviewed laptop. Use the filters to get what you want.

I have an HP Deskjet printer that worked really badly (cordless, always lost the connection) for years, but now it works fine. I suggest you get a well reviewed basic printer on Amazon.

KanyesVest Tue 30-Aug-16 15:56:58

Thanks both. I wouldn't buy a laptop on Amazon (I want to be able to drop it in somewhere if anything goes wrong!) but I hadn't thought to look at reviews there. I get completely bamboozled by all the tech jargon and end up wanting to put my head under a pillow and forget I even thought about getting a new one I am a grown up about it all. I've found what looks like a pretty good HP, so off to google reviews now.

lasermum Tue 30-Aug-16 23:51:39

I strongly recommend buying your laptop from John Lewis. The after sales service is great.

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